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  2. Hi VR6 Owners Looking for some advice I have a P Plate golf VR6 and I have just experienced problems with what I believe to be a Conlog full closure alarm system. I currently have no ignition and cannot start the car. The alarm is armed but I cannot disarm. The red light on the fob is flashing which does not seem to be talking to the car. I have opened the doors with the key and the alarm sounds for 30 seconds then the indicators flash. I cannot get the ignition lights to work on the key. There is a pod in the glovebox with 3 prongs I have put the fob in there it lights the LED on the fob but
  3. Hi I am a new member to the VR6OC , I have owned my VR6 for 3-4 years now with several other vw's owned previously.
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