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  1. Has anyone installed one of these, or an equivalent.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PERFORMANCE-MOD-INCREASE-BHP-FITS-VW-GOLF-GTI-VR6_W0QQitemZ170350512075QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item27a9ae87cb&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65%3A12|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1683|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 Claims to add an extra 20bhp. But seems all too good to be true. Does anyone have any experience with one of these? Would be great to get some feedback before I make a purchase. I dont want to add something to my mk3 VR6 that is going to do it any harm!! Many thanks.
  2. I've just purchased some Hella Quad headlights for my mk3 from an internet auction. But the seller suggested that I replace the bulbs. I'm not sure if it's because they're broken, or just a bit old. Does anyone know what type of bulbs I need? And there are 4 I presume? Are all 4 the same type? Roughly how much will the bulbs cost me? Many thanks
  3. I just bought a 1998 mk3 vr6, which is in great condition and has only done 35k miles. But I was wondering why the engine has VR6-2.8 written on it, when so many others I have seen on the web, seem to have VR6-DOHC. Can someone kindly let me know the difference. Have I bought a dud? Many thanks Here is a pic..
  4. What did you replace it all with spoonman2? Did you replace all 4 speakers and also buy an amp? Did you do the install by yourself? Im wondering whether to just have 2 front speakers and of those under the seat subs made by Pioneer which has a built in amp. (TS-WX11A)
  5. Thanks Calico Yes I will want to listen to music loudly. But I wont be buying a subwoofer. So I will need a decent amp which will be able to power 4 Alpine speakers and the standard VW tweeters. Any suggestions? Cheers
  6. It is a 1998 mk3. So do you reckon I am going to need those converter plugs? I have decided on Alpine speakers by the way. Thanks for all your great help, its very kind. As for the VW scene in Japan, I am not too sure yet. I am hoping there is a club I can join at least.
  7. Actually I am picking the car up in 7 days from now. I will do a report and post pics after I get it. Of course I have seen it and testdriven it and I can say that it is pretty spotless inside and out, and has only 35k miles on the clock (Japanese dont tend to drive their cars much!). The reason why I haven't actually got the car in my possession yet is because in Japan when you buy a used car, it takes around 2 weeks to sort all the paperwork out etc. Its a pain in the arse, cos I bought the car last week and the wait is killing me! This is my first vr6 as well.
  8. Also, is it easy to install new ones by myself or should I have a pro do it? Will I need to remove the entire door panels?
  9. Thanks amazak So if I were to replace the system I would need 4 new speakers and a pair of tweeters, right? Any suggestions? How about Alpine ones? Are the speakers in the front and rear, exactly the same?
  10. What is the factory standard sound system like in terms of speakers? Are there just 2 front speakers, or are there 2 front and 2 rear speakers? Also are the standard speakers any good? Many thanks
  11. Thanks very much, very kind of you. Looking forward to seeing the photo
  12. Hi Pete Is your one automatic? If so, how is it? Actually I am living in Japan, so thats why I got a Japanese one. Got a great deal and it only has 35000 miles on the clock! Oh the joy of the Japanese never driving far! Any chance you could show me a close up pic of your side badges? Did you get the chrome ones or regular ones? Were they new or used? Cheers
  13. I have a 1998 vr6 Golf, so there are no vr6 side badges. But since I quite like the side badges, I am thinking about purchasing a pair. It would seem that you can choose either a chrome or regular finish, as you can see here.. http://cgi.ebay.com.my/VW-GOLF-MK3-VR6-SET-SIDE-BADGES-BLACK-CHROME_W0QQitemZ330274033764QQihZ014QQcategoryZ9889QQcmdZViewItem and here.. http://www.tazbar.com/Auction/GOLF_VR6_side_badges_AuctionUEg1dEpqdkV0QUpyMWFvaEJGd2Yrdz090#images Im not sure which ones to get. Has anyone else bought side badges as an extra because they have a post 1995 model? What do you recko
  14. Hi Foggy402 I just bought a 1998 vr6 Golf, Japanese. Its automatic. Is yours automatic? Im picking it up next week actually. How are you finding yours so far? Also, did you buy yourself some vr6 side badges? I am thinking about buying a pair. Do you know the best place to buy them? Cheers
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