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  1. my word i have had so many problems with this,my pedal was a bastard to get off as the rod was through the apeture where the spotweld broke, got new clutch pedal from vag , #44.78 ,but can i get the thing back on , bloody nuisance,cant get the white plastic clip to sit back on the ball of the rod, cant get the fooking pedal back on either , have been told that the whole pedal box has to come off to be reassembled, or is this a whole load of shite?, anyone have any good advice?
  2. if your into your dubs then check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfLmUbKs5HA
  3. past this thing and check the golf 3 out ?
  4. ther guy who sold it to me is one of the organisers of e38?
  5. ok????? weird one people.....just checked the info on obd1 and 2 models??? im confused my car has the obd1 arches ,side repeaters and cosmetics but has obd 2 brakes and abs as shown in the pics but has obd1 throttle body and pipe????
  6. thanks for the info...on how to use the site and the vehicle info lol
  7. help and advice please....whats the best way to go with the mk3 in terms of suspension set up, will coilovers upset the handling on country lanes ?? will struts and springs not cut the pace ? whats every ones opinions on this?
  8. when i give my car some stick ,it crunches between gearchanges....mainly from 2nd to 3rd??? any ideas?
  9. ive recently purchased a mk3 golf vr6 on a n 95 plate...the guy who sold it made me awar that the engine is of a later type with slightly more bhp....? is this true? what is stock figures for a mk3 vr6 :S
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