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  1. 100% Genuine Standard Car. Fully stamped up to date service book. Folder full of bills and history Genuine 85k miles from new ( car is used occasionally at weekends if we have sun so mileage will creep up ever so slightly ) Engine and automatic gearbox are superb 5 Owners - 1st the original dealer, 3 are known and all mature non boy racers MOT expires 18th March 2018 All old MOTs 2 Keys 2 Cobra immobilsier fobs 4 matching Avon tyres with good tread Full service in February this year Every electrical component works
  2. Please can anyone let me know the VW part numbers for the following panels off a 1997 Rreg Highline... She needs some TLC and copy panels have been awful quality so going for genuine items. Front bumper Rear bumper Drivers front wing Passenger front wing Front grille Thats the lot, thanks gang.
  3. OOOOOOH what have you bought get some pics up!
  4. This week she has had a new OE steering rack, secondary water pump, engine flush & coolant, sump, oil, oil filter, oil pump seals, rear bearings, 1x inner CV joint, new front discs, rear washer jet.... BREATHE.... 2x front tyres, main beam bulb, coolant pressure cap, number plates, rear window regulator, drivers window motor and front suspension bushes.
  5. Here is M'lady Sruffy on the day of purchase...!
  6. Would love to put the engine in but wife would have a heart attack. I had to battle to get M'lady as a toy and to change the car to that magnitude would be like.. well I may as well pack my bags...! I will stick with what I have and slowly build her up in stealth mode so the wife is failry oblivious to what Im doing. Knowing my luck she will be a typical women and know exactly what is going on! So 18s are a NO for the car, no problem. Time to move on to the next bit....
  7. Friend of mine has written off his 2006 06reg Golf R32 and I have firts reserve on the alloys. Will they fit my MK3 1997 Highline and if so what mods will I have to make to the arches/car please? Thanks for your help. Birchy.
  8. Boys & Girls, A friend of mine has written off his 2006 06reg R32 and told me I can have the steering wheel complete with airbag. Will it fit my 1997 Rreg Highline and if so what do I have to do in terms of getting it fitted to the car???? Thanks for your help peeps. Birchy.
  9. I have seen a climatronic unit for sale, can you retro-fit climatronic to a MK3 Highline with A/C???? Just a thought....!
  10. I cant say anything else other than amazing! The attention to detail when diagnosing the faults on my car was astounding. They will now be fixing every single one of them & their sister company the body work! Use them you will NOT be dissapointed. www.thephirm.co.uk 08454 505760
  11. Wheel alignment, balancing and camber were all taken care of on Monday last week. Yet, she still pulls to the left and The Phirm said its not right and needs checking. The Phirm uncovered funny little things such as: Mainbeam bulb out. Drivers Rear Light needs an earth. Power steering nose coroding Exhaust centre section slightly blowing Front discs worn Rear pads need replacing Slight weep from 2nd water pump Sump acraped Rear number plate discouloured Requries coolant flush Coolant pressure cap weeping Play in both rear wheel bearings Coolant weep around oil cooler Rear wishbones both split
  12. 'The Phirm' are superb...! Spent an hour with them on friday looking over my new girl and boy are they particular, which is a good thing as so am I. The list from VW wasnt that bad, I coped when I first saw it as she is 13 years old in September. However, The Phirm found another 14 items that need attention which is great as it means when all the mechanical work is complete she will be tip top. I cant recommend 'The Phirm' enough. Ultra friendly, Ultra Knowledgable, Ultra good at what they do...! Use them people... I will be!
  13. Have checked through the fourm but cant find a post that dteails how to close the drivers window manually. Mine is stuck all the way down and cant for the life of me get the window back up! I have a new regulator and motor arriving Tuesday but in the mean time need to close the window. How do I close the window manually please?????? Thanks gang, Birchy
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