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  1. Hi people my clutch has gone on my mk3 golf vr6 12v aaa 0b2 I ordered a Luk clutch coming from euro car parts with there Easter sale just wondering is it worth getting a g60 lightened flywheel would that make any difference in performance or is it a waste of time please let me know
  2. Hi I got a golf mk3 vr6 highline year 96 my radiator and a.c. condenser is leaking what is a good race alloy radiator too buy which can fit on to a.c. condenser with no problem there so many on eBay but the sellers are no help
  3. I'm after highline sill protection foil for a 3 door drivers side and passages side new can't find them anywhere if anyone got them for sale or were I can get them please give me a message cheers
  4. That's proper bump tps 300 quid my coil back went last year I got one of ebay for 170 quid new ngk really good make they are cheaper ones on their can't go wrong with ngk fit your self really easy too do 10min job
  5. Would a Eaton m112 supercharger fit into my golf mk3 vr6 highline and still keeping the a.c. and if it did fit what would look out for when buying a second-hand charger any tips please
  6. I sent a message on eBay you got a buy it now price mate I'm very interested and I'm definitely take it off your hands mate
  7. Hi people I'm after miltec twin tip full exhaust system for my mk3 golf vr6 highline is any selling one I'm based in east London please let me know if your selling one cheers
  8. Someone is breaking a mulberry on eBay mate just type in breaking vw golf mk3 and you should find it
  9. We're can I get a brand new scuttle panel complete from for my vw golf mk3 vr6 highline I went to vw they have discontinued this part any ideas please let me know
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