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  1. ill take this this off your hands if it’s still available?
  2. Thanks Pete. I am in South Wales. I have had wheels before wrapped in black bags, but if sticky tape and an address label. id leave you to pick two for me, maybe go for best tread left as something to go by. i would be getting the alloys refurbed anyway. thanks andrew
  3. I’d be interested in two wheels.. can’t collect though - would you consider a courier at my expense of course?
  4. Pretty sure I've got that exact same charger.. where's the belt gone off the charger itself? what other problems are you having? also interested in how you've set up the oil breather into the catch can, is that something I should have done when I fitted mine? Mines been running fine though, I've got an idle problem when cold, basic scan tool is giving me code 00516 and I can't seem to shift it. Think it's something to do with the throttle body, the multi plug connector or maybe a vacuum leak - but I can't seem to find one! gonna get it to my mate when I put it
  5. Hi Daverse... how much are you looking for for them?
  6. Sounds good thanks, I'll need it posted if that's ok but just send us over your details and final amount an Ill get it sent over.
  7. Hi Pete I'll take this mate how much u after?
  8. Can I say it's finished now?!? Left on the list is a rebuild for the brakes and change the fluid, recharge the aircon and sort out a tiny bit of belt slip at around 6.5k. Vince says the boost curve stays even right at the end of the power run, and it should keep rising. We couldn't tighten the belt up any more because of the nut on the tensioner catching the bottom of the charger. I need a belt that's about 10mm shorter, or a different alternator pulley, or maybe a fatter idler pulley just so I don't have to go so far in with the tensioner bolt! Finding its gonna be fun!
  9. Not long back from having the car mapped at stealth... Bit of an odd one but turns out the stage 1 charger I bought brand new was a stage 2! Finished up on 287bhp - not bad considering I left the house hoping to hit around 240! 2 hour drive back to South Wales and the car feels so good.. Vince has done an awesome job!!
  10. I've got carpet and centr console, in fact all the plastics for the interior pretty much. Also got a mint set of standard vr6 cloth seats. I'm in South Wales
  11. Got the charger fitted now, had the chip fitted to the ecu, moved the charcoal canister and spent some time cleaning the engine up a bit while I wait for a new pulley bracket for the alternator! one I got didn't seem too good but I have had it running and you can't beat that sound..so close now
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