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  1. Any1 else coming from south and want to meet up at toddington services on the m1?
  2. Not 100% atm still got wishbone bushes to do polybush them also got engine mounts to do.. Couple interior trims new coilovers and gear linkages then she is complete.. Oh 1 last problem any1 have a clue what it could be? It hits limit at 5000rpm but it can be like that 1 day and next its fine revs all the way through ??
  3. Lol yeah its had its days My new project is on road and most bits i swapped over [emoji108]
  4. Car is alive and being put back together after a good interior clean with the shampoo and leathers treated [emoji108]
  5. Yes from mikey from cheshunt? It is a tidy car inside and out been stood for a couple years, so needs a very good clean which will be done on sunday hopefully if weather is good
  6. Yes mate thats the non runner 1.. Turns out to be the fuel pump. And the plans for this are to swap over most the bits as bring it on road and sell the other 1 bealieboy
  7. I just went and picked this up so now its double trouble [emoji4]
  8. This was taken on the vag night enroute ace cafe last week
  9. Can you pm me a price for discs and pads as well please Thanks
  10. If theres a meet up point before we all roll in let us know thanks [emoji106]
  11. Im coming would like to put it on the stand but my car is 3 different shades of mulberry lol [emoji85][emoji85]
  12. How much for the coilovers??
  13. Local for me and ibs [emoji4]
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