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  1. It had a full service about a month or 2 ago and it's only on 40k. I'm so confused haha
  2. Ticking over but not firing up (starting) I am baffled as it doesn't seem to be the fuel pump or any fuses. :-( it's may be wiring but everything seems fine!! Anyone had anything like this?
  3. Best induction kit for mk5 R32??
  4. Who's there?? What you taking? Mk5 r32 is out on a trip with me!!
  5. Thanks guys, and I was thinking supercharged haha. It just feels like that 3.2 needs a little more than 246. It seems a bit low for what its actually got sitting there. Still so damn fun though! Thanks again.
  6. Hello, has anyone got any advice on parts to buy for a mk5 r32? I'm looking to get it 300+ bhp, I know it's pretty tough being NA but hey, many thanks.
  7. Is a forge induction kit any good for a mk5 r32 manual or are there better choices? Any tips on getting one up to 300bhp running nicely for the long time as I drive extremely hard? Sorry it's irrelevant!
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