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  1. Gutted I missed it. When's the next one?
  2. Long story was a big joke in the end,Will fill you in later. Cheers Den
  3. Hello boys and girls, When is the next South East meet?
  4. My babies brakes are all sorted!
  5. As I upgraded to mk1 audi tt 312mm calipers will an audi tt master cylinder fit and due the job? Thanks Den
  6. Hi All, This is driving me INSANE I change my brake set up to bigger brakes and calipers. After bleeding all the brakes the pedal on first hits the floor with an air escaping sound then second and third pump get hard. Keeps losing air.....but there is no fluid leaks. Please anyone knows what is the cure ? Thanks, Den.
  7. So it's looks like I can't make it now
  8. Yes mate, but changed the front brakes to 312mm tt brakes and now not working properly and know one can help me
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