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  1. @bealieboy may have one for sale[emoji6]
  2. Vr6 pretty much the only reason I bought a mk3 golf!
  3. I run a quaife diff and just a standard sachs clutch as recommended by Vince at Stealth he said unless you're driving the car really hard all the time on track days or whatever with supercharged cars standard clutches are fine because of the way they deliver the power.
  4. Got started on fitting the bumpers and Votex kit in the week;
  5. I'm sure@donnyboy has a cheap set about, in Hertfordshire if that's any good to you?
  6. Hi mate welcome to the club! Definitely the best mk5 R32 colour that!! [emoji7]
  7. This weeks errr progress or more me tinkering I suppose [emoji848] I've decided to revert back to the original bumpers so I can fit the full Votex kit as the rear bumper doesn't fit US bumpers at all and the front doesn't fit properly as shown on the previous page, so I thought that I'd have a play with the plate recess on the front bumper to match my shortened rear one.@donnyboy kindly donated his old front bumper for me to cut bits out of, so I could try the following; Trimmed about; Holes cut into bumper, no going back at this point; All hot stapled and plastic welded in; A skim of filler
  8. I was surprised as well, got an agreed value on it obviously, it may help that one of their office's is a the bottom of my road though!
  9. I'm with HIC really good with mods, mines about £300 with all mods, (which is a lot!) declared but I am old now[emoji15][emoji24] at 34
  10. So due to having a 1 year old further progress has been slow and I can't completely leave the car alone or say that's it's finished as that just doesn't happen with me![emoji51] I did manage to turn this;Into this though; Hopefully my little one will now make it to a couple of shows with me next year in his own car![emoji16]emoji16][emoji16] So back to the main subject I managed to acquire a Votex body kit from Wayne as part of the deal with the Mystic blue VR6 I sold him a little while back, so I now plan to fit the full kit next year along with a set of Euro bumpers with a couple of little
  11. You're probably better off starting a new thread mate, I'm sure someone on here should be able to help you [emoji1360]
  12. Has anyone ordered one in the U.K. yet? The price of shipping is killing it for me at the moment? [emoji848]
  13. So is the Rotrex going to make you forget about the Mk4 R32 then?! Is that the plan anyway?![emoji1]
  14. Welcome to the club and VR ownership! No better noise out there!! Oh apart from a Supercharged VR6 [emoji16][emoji1360]. You got anything else planned for it?
  15. Yes says Votex and part numbers etc on the back of everything
  16. I'm in Hertfordshire, my Zender one looks similar but has Zender moulded into the top and my mate has an ABT one which also has abt on it, we were thinking it could possibly be a Kamei one?
  17. Hi yes does look a bit like a Zender one though it's not as I have one of those, so is it Votex do you know? I'm interested as I'm currently painting and fitting a Votex kit to my car, so am very interested
  18. Yeah I have mate, keep getting messed about with people saying they want them, then letting me down [emoji849]!
  19. Still got these, with no tyres £400 [emoji1360] if I don't get back to you on here I'm on Instagram @flash_vr
  20. I sold one a while back on eBay advertised as untested for £100 and it sold in 2 days, bloke was over the moon with it[emoji1360]
  21. This comes up Pete? Though you must remember I am f-@king useless with technology![emoji15][emoji23]
  22. Hi mate, welcome to the club! Vw festival is brilliant, can't wait till next year! Shame about the S3 I really like those after owning a 1.8t many years ago, should be a good time to get into MK3 VR's as they seem to be creeping up in value, though it seems there are still some bargains out there! What sort of spec and money are you going to be looking at spending?
  23. That takes me a post from 2003 where someone wants an arm rest!
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