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  1. daleyboyVR6

  2. Owners Register - Add your car now!

    Just done mine 8-|
  3. Any Corrado's out there?

  4. Any Corrado's out there?

    That looks good mate, i thought of joining the CCGB but it seemed a bit stiff and being like back at school. How i come up with that perception i have no idea, please tell me i'm wrong so i can join...............
  5. Chaps, i feel a bit stupid asking this but, i am going to attempt to change my cams soon and the thread explaining how to do it doesnt seem to go past number 21) It gets to the point where you mark your cam sprocket/chain, its there i seem to run out of intelligence and cant get the rest of it. Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong, and put me out of my misery (not literally). I got a feeling the answer may be so simple, but i just cant see it.......... :S
  6. Any Corrado's out there?

    Nice motor mate, just got mine back on the road so am certainly feeling the Corrado love at the moment......... :-p
  7. Classic vehicle

  8. Classic vehicle

    Im with performance direct £275, 4k mileage but they dont like engine mods
  9. fitting ht leads ????

    Are you sure its not your auxillary water pump buzzing ?............... its just behind the coilpack........... :-# Why would the tb buzz anyway ? ive never heard of that
  10. can anyone help me please

    That would appear to rule out fuelling problems, generally the more violent the shuddering the more you should be thinking electrical so points toward the ignition system. So the likely culprits working back from the engine is ; spark plugs, htleads, dizzy cap r/arm, coil, and i had an ignition module go on an old audi which gave me a bad shudder. Obviously most of these items are service items so you cant go wrong by changing these as at least you'll have spares. If it still does it then it could be the coil which normally only happens when the car and coil get hot. It sounds silly but start with the basics making sure the ht leads are on properly and are not touching an metal thus shorting............ As Jim says getting it on Vag com could rule out MAF or any other sensor problem, if he is offering, bite his hand off. Sounds silly but go through it methodically i for one have panicked over an ht lead not pushed on all the way........................Good luck mate............. :-p
  11. can anyone help me please

    Could be the MAF, then again could be dizzy cap, rotor arm, spark plugs, HT leads, blocked fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump relay,dirty maf if you have a cone filter, i know its not much help...........may help if you could describe in more detail what exactly happens if it happens all the time or not, how violent the spluttering etc etc
  12. Are all UK coorados OBD1?

    Not strictly true mine is a 93' and has a 16 pin connector and many obd 2 parts but is still an obd1....
  13. Water Leak.

    Sounds like the oil cooler which has a couple of small water pipes going into it, maybe one of the hoses have split...................... (?)
  14. Smilies..........?

    Oh i see good stuff mate thank you...............im selecting them as i usually do (i think)........... 8-) Yea that works :-d