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  1. Hi just throwing it out there! mk 3 golf Gti anniversary with vr6 turbo engine for sale £5500 owned car for 8 years, engine done 4 years ago, only done about 4000 miles in that time. Just had turbo rebuilt, valve stem oil seals done. Downsides no speedo, and struggling to select gears. Have lots of specs and photos. If anyone is SERIOUSLY interested please pm me!
  2. Sarsdub


  3. lovin my dub today

  4. I'm affraid that driving vr6 got nothing common with the sex of an owner it's more about personality Vr6s are for the brave people! Amen!!!!
  5. Lol The coupe works is an animal, always need two hands on wheel!!!!! This is my first turbo mini though always had charged ones, wish they had done that with this one! But I am a dubber through and through , even got the tattoos to prove it lol
  6. Lol I own a mini coupe John Cooper works too!!!!! An awesome handling powerful car!!! Also a slammed passat estate and a very scene 6n2 polo!! So where does that put me now????
  7. Rude!!!!!! I have tits and I BUILT and drive a vr6t!!!!! Man power my Ass!!!! Lol
  8. Crap!!!!!!!! I cant make it, the turbo is still off mine!!!!!! Really sorry was hoping to be finished by now, this date has come around to quick!!!!!!
  9. How about my homebuild mk3 vrt, ex gti anniversary??
  10. I think I will be going, got to hit as many shows as I can as the golf is going up for sale this year
  11. You can do a lay away policy, I will be doing it with the vrt next year! i am with Adrian Flux for my sins lol
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