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  1. GTI Spring Festival - 12th April 2015

    What was that about fat greedy bastids?? [emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Exhaust fumes at high revs

    Make sure breathers are clear and not split. A rocker cover that's breathing straight out to atmosphere and not via a diversion pipe can really stink in the car
  3. Turbo coolent feed.

    A take off from the bottom rad hose would be the coolest supply
  4. mk3 recaro seats

    Yeah no problem mate, I wouldn't split the set up anyway, you'll find something, good luck [emoji106]
  5. Don't stop, I want to see more!
  6. Vento Front End

    And I'll have the quads [emoji106]
  7. Vento Front End

    Personal preference mate that's all. I do quite like them if you use a standard badged grill actually. Just think they belong on a vento lol.
  8. Vento Front End

    Bonnet headlights grill paint and a sanity check
  9. What Is This For?

    Down the inner Wing to atmosphere. Nothing's connected to anything under my bonnet [emoji23] but seriously just tuck it away somewhere [emoji106]
  10. Abs lines

    There's a total of 3 plugs on the abs pump so maybe that's where your struggling
  11. What Is This For?

    Leave it out and vent the breathers in that case. New PCV stuff is crazy money for what it is hence why mines te way it is
  12. What Is This For?

    Being quite honest I haven't got a clue what the plugs for but mines always run a treat without it, no faults etc. when my fuel pump works that is
  13. What Is This For?

    Unplugged and hanging in the wind lol, I was wondering where the fcuk that came from it was that long ago [emoji23]
  14. Abs lines

    Looking at the pic of your pump, furthest right (no 6 I'm calling it) goes to the front port of master. One closest to engine.
  15. Abs lines

    It does for sure yes, if your not worried about pad wear sensors, a simple bridge wire on this system will knock the light off. I once fitted black diamond pads which didn't have sensors and that's what I did. Worked back then anyhow. Most pad wear systems nowadays use the sensor as an earth onto the disc, whereas from memory these are different. I've got genuine bosch pads back in mine now with the sensors plugged in. I gotta say, it's a mammoth task fitting abs so fair play to you. ECU, looms, excited rings, pipe work, sensors and dash warning system etc. Also, number 6 port on pump is the front of master, closest to the engine.