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  1. Compomotive TH Monos 16x8 £650

    Interested in these if you still have them for sale?
  2. Hi Guys I have just got back from my first ever track day in the Golf. I ended up going to Oulton Park and I had an amazing time. The car performed really well as I was very worried that it wouldn't go around a corner well at all. It turns out it handles really quite well and the engine seemed strong for the whole day. I am planning on doing another track day next week, so im going to try and sort the few minor issues I do have. I am having some fueling issues which im going to try and chase out but other than that the car seemed really good. Here is a link to a couple of laps at Oulton Park, I hope you enjoy Oulton Park trackday
  3. Right, update time!!! I decided to take the car off the road for a couple of weeks as one of the shocks was leaking. I started by stripping off the suspension and wheels. I sent the shocks to GAZ to get serviced with new rods and seals and decided to send the wheels to the powder coaters as they were looking a little tired and I fancied a colour change! Whilst the car was up on stands doing nothing I thought I would spend the time rebuilding the gearbox as it was getting a little noisy and I didn't like the look of the oil that came out of the last gearbox change. So I set about removing the gearbox without pulling the whole engine. Just a not to anyone attempting to remove a gearbox without removing the engine, it is an utter ballache but if you remove the drive flanges and the gearbox mount it can be done. Here is a pic of me removing the box Once I had removed the gearbox I started to strip it down to see what condition it was in. There was a lot of metallic sludge in the gearbox so I decided it would be best to build a different set of gear in to the box. Luckily I had a spare gearbox kicking about so i commenced stripping the gear sets out of the spare one. After stripping both gearboxes I now just needed to fit all the new bearings to the spare gear sets clean everything up and put them back together. I made a bit of a cleaning area and commenced cleaning everything and fitting the new bearings After fitting all the bearings and making sure everything was clean, it was then on to the task of completing all the preload checks on each shaft. Using the correct specs and a DTI I was able to measure what preload each shaft was under. Its not exactly done how the VW manual states but it still worked out the same. Prebuild checks completed, it was time to put the gearbox back together for the final time. All rebuilt I then just had the small task of refitting it. Luckily not too much bad language was said as I managed to get it in to place without too much difficulty. The next major tasks was to upgrade the brakes. I had been sitting on a set of wilwwod superlites for a few years but I had never got around to fitting them. i started by stripping the old paint off the calipers Next I painted them and then remade new link pipes for them. I thought it would be a nice touch to make the writing stand out a bit more so i painted in the letters white. This took me a very long time as it turns out I dont have a very steady hand and I kept getting white over run in the red and then when I would touch up the red I would end up getting it in the white!!!! but after about 5 attempts I finally managed to get something that looked like it actually said wilwood Once completed I then commenced fitting them on to the car. i had already worked out what offsets I needed to make them mount up properly. I ended up using a 312mm disc originally of an audi tt or golf mk4. I spent a little extra and got some brembo drilled discs that I think look pretty decent. I also machining the caliper carrier 8mm to try and get the disc to sit central within the caliper. heres the final result My suspension arrived back from Gaz, so i decided to do what I always do. I covered the threads in graphite sspray and the wrapped them in cling film to stop them corroding. I received my wheels back from the powder coaters and im very happy with how they came out And i'm afraid that's all for now. 'Im hoping to get some track days done and a couple of sessions down at santa pod so I wont be doing anything other than maintenance probably for a little while. i hope you like the progress anyway
  4. Club Event: VR6OC @ GTI Festival - 09/10/2016

    Hi Could you add me to both please
  5. Thanks Yes, very interested in doing a RWYB with you guys!
  6. Hi Guys I thought I would do an update as I have found some time to do some work on the car and ive even managed to take it to a couple of shows. Because I was taking it to some shows there were a couple of things I wanted to sort out as they were letting the car down. first of all was the rear tail lights. They have been tint sprayed red previously but the light has got them and started to turn them orange as you can see So I masked them up and re-tinted them to get them looking half decent again Im pretty happy with how they came out and i think it makes the back of the car look much better Next I moved on to the rear arches. I had previously put some carbon fibre effect vinyl on the bottom of the rear arches as i was getting a lot of stone chips and I was hoping this would help stop them. however the vinyl want strong enough and I thought it looked a little crap, as you can see So I went out and bought some 3M gel coated carbon fibre vinyl that I believe has actual weave impregnated into it, I really like the way it looks and I am hoping the gel coating will help protect against stone chips. Here's how it looks on the car, I think the results are much better! After completing this and giving the car a clean I then moved on to the interior. I had noticed that the paint had started to wear through in the footwells from getting in and out the car all the time, so I decided to get the black paint out and go over any areas that needed attention. I then decided to mount some floor mats in there on velcro just to make life a little easier. next I turned my attention to all the aluminium components and the rear strut brace. because the car has sat outside for so long the light had faded the powder coat on the strut brace and dulled all the polished parts. So i repainted the strut brace and got the polish out and repolished all the aluminium. i even stripped the shifter down and got that on the bench polisher to make it super bling!!!! Here are the results I am very happy with how it has come out, it turns out you can polish a turd!!!! here is a couple of shots of the car all clean Thats all for now, but I will have a big update soon as I am currently doing some work on the car that im quite excited about!
  7. Hi Guys I thought I would make another video of all my runs at santa pod, so here it is! Golf Mk2 stage 3 supercharged VR6 runs @ santa pod raceway I hope you enjoy the video. The car has been running great lately, I'm so pleased with it. i will be going to a few shows with her and hopefully I will have it on a track in the coming weeks. I will keep you posted with how it all goes.
  8. Hi Guys I thought I would do a bit of an update as it has been a while. Well I got the new camshaft from schimmel, fitted it and to my amazement I didn't actually clip any valves. I compression tested it and everything was fine so I boxed up the engine, checked the fluids and ran her up! Since then I have been to bug jam and ran the car down the drag strip. I managed a best time of 13.4 seconds with a terminal speed of 108mph. I am quite happy with how it ran other than struggling with traction in first gear. I am hoping by changing the wheel alignment and tyre pressures I will be able to get down to 13 seconds flat. Here is a link to a clip of my car running down the drag strip, I hope you enjoy Running down the drag strip @ santa pod raceway I will update again soon when I have drove it a bit more and maybe done a few more modifications
  9. johan238

  10. I have removed all the cam bearing caps and they are showing signs of slight wear. I am just waiting on a bore mic to check they are still within spec. Other than that I am just working on borrowing a leak down tester to make sure I haven't done any lasting damage to the cylinders. Just crossing fingers and toes that I can just throw a new cam in it and it will be all good. Worst case scenario it has scrapped the block and the head, if thats happened i think I will be calling it a day!!!
  11. Hi Guys I thought I would do a bit of an update. Obviously the car got through mapping fine which allowed me to really start opening up on the road. Even managed to have a play with a B7 RS4 and had the legs on it, I don't think he was too impressed!!! I got her 4 wheel aligned in preparation to RWYB at santa pod and then disaster happened.... Top end of 3rd and something just didn't sound right. I was hoping it might be nothing serious so i got it home and started inspecting. It didn't take me long to find the problem Needless to say I wasn't very happy. I have sent of an email to schimmel to see what they are going to do about the situation, clearly this sort of thing shouldn't happen!!! I haven't started stripping the engine down any more yet, I'm really hoping that no internal damage has been ocurred. It has been all quite devastating after all the problems I have has with this engine. It was so annoying as the engine was running so strong and I feel as if there was nothing that I could have done to have stopped this from happening. what a freak event!!! Well that's it for now. I will keep you posted when I hear a reply from the supplier
  12. I cant remember the pulley diameter off hand, but its the 8psi pulley. I am however not making 8 psi, from what i can see from the digital boost gauge I am making just over 6.5psi. I believe this is because I have increased the volume in the inlet and the supercharger cant push that amount of volume at the same pressure. I am thinking of machining the pulley down slightly to increase the RPM on the supercharger and therefore increase boost pressure. I have a 12psi pulley kicking about but I am apprehensive to use this as I would probably have to use a decompression plate.
  13. Hi Guys I have managed to edit some footage of the first drive in the golf, i'm hoping to get it on a track in the next few weeks and really put it through its paces Anyway I hope you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9JjMuWlBqg
  14. You can see here where that 90 degree fitting feeds to on the other side of the supercharger
  15. Honestly I have been asking myself this same question for a long time. It goes to a braided line that runs around the supercharger and in to the pressure side of the charger housinf. I will see if i can find a picture that better shows you