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  1. Putting some feelers out and admitting defeat on my project vr6. I've got a H reg big bumper genuine GTI 3 door in Atlas Grey. This is a project car but complete. The car was originally converted by Storm developments back in the day, it was a daily runner for me for years then was taken off the road to save millage on the shell. I got carried away and it turned into a full strip overhaul and shaved bay. Too many years later the car is still unfinished. My tastes have changed and I wanted to return the car to OEM+ but due to circumstances and lack of time it breaks my heart to admit
  2. For Sale Vortech V-9F supercharger VR6 12v complete kit The charger: In perfect condition, no damage on impeller or noise from bearings and seals. Perfect bearing end float. In standard form runs 13.5psi and 750cfm. (According to vortech spec sheets) The Kit: All mounting hardware and brackets Tensioner pulley Updated 2.87" pulley 7 rib tensioner belt 6 fuel injectors 4 Bar fuel pressure regulator ECU with map (Turbo technic I think I've never opened to look) Updated oil lines All intake and feed pipework Vortech rec
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