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  1. Need help crack oil pan

    That's the thing idk haven't had tge car all that long well bought my buddys old vr6 engine for spare parts
  2. Help idk if I'm misfiring

    Yeah did one found out my air intake had a hole in it and I have a I think p303 I think it was that but that's could be from the hole I was told by a mechanic from vw
  3. Ok guys I crack my oil pan need to know What pan have have to buy found 2 different pne but one says something bout an open oil level senor and the other doesn't. Idk if I need and oil level sensor my gti is and 04 24v vr6 6 speed manual idk of that helps but would greatly appreciate any help you can offer
  4. Hey guys i recorded my car idling it started when my buddy put regular gas instead of my premium or pure gas idk if that's could of caused it but its my check engine light flashing http://youtu.be/t8-nNjuiHP4
  5. I have a 04 gti 24v vr6 love the car every moment I drive it but I'm wanting to upgrade my presseure plate flywheel and clutch come to hear I might have a dual mass flywheel but idk anything about dual mass flywheels so need some pointer on how to work this should I remove it and put a 10lbs flywheel with a apr clutch set up stage 2 daily with silent clutch (pre dampened) or what would like the as must advice as you guys would give also if you guys have any advice with tuning it also think about upgrading my ecu thanks guys
  6. Need help 24v vr6 won't start

    I got it started its a 24v 2.8 turned out it was a fuse had gone bad. Thanks guys tho
  7. Need help 24v vr6 won't start

    Yep tested that no spark replacing plugs and if not the ill replace the packs
  8. Ok long story short changed my valve cover gasket and intake manifold gasket place all vacuum lines torqued valve cover and intake manifold down correctly iaw Bentley service manual for 99-05 golf jettas and now car won't start any ideas can hear fuel pump start just won't start any ideas ready to take it to a ditch and leave it