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  1. Bungys 4mo lives on

    Nice to know someone carried the torch for what was a very good car. Life overtook me and I found myself with a lower compression car and a part turbo conversion sat in the garage with no time to spare. The decision to sell wasn't easy but felt like a weight of responsibility lifted when I did. If she is up and running it would be amazing to see if it is still being lovingly cared for.
  2. I'm trying to collect all the information together for the mk4 4 motion service items. Quantity, grade and eventually "how to's" for all the items required. I could do with some help to fill the gaps and get it together for future reference. Service items S numbers are superseded parts Spark plugs - Bosch FR7HPP22, NGK's PZFR5D-11*Coolant - 3 bottles G12 9.2 ltrs total *Engine oil - recommended annual - SZGB115QLB00511 -5ltr-*Engine oil filter - VW 071 115 562 A *Sump plug - N 90813201 - SN90813202 *Air filter - VW 1J0 129 620 *Pollen filter - 1J0-819-644*Fuel Filter - VW 1J0 201 511 A * Gearbox oil - 75/80w 2.6 ltr*Rear diff oil 1.1ltr*Front diff oil - ? *Haldex oil - G 055 175 A1 275 ml*Haldex filter - 02D 525 558A*Haldex tool - T10066 * Power steering fluid - 0.7-0.9 - VW G00200*Brake fluid, Clutch fluid - Dot 4/5 1ltr*Top mounts - 1J0412331C*Top mount bearing - 1J0412249*Air-con "O" seals - S7H0820898 & S8E0260749*Manifold stud N0445203*Head gasket 022103383F OEM & aftermarket part numbers vibra-technics competition RHS engine mount - VAG405M * vibra-technics competition LHS G'box mount - VAG408M S3 lower brace - 8N0 199 403 B (£12+vat) * riv/cap nut - N90 810 601 (80p+vat) x 2 * Screw/bolt - N10 417 601 (53p+vat) x2 * washers - N90 477 301 (42p+vat) x2 * S3 upper strut brace - 8L9805629A Sharan aerial - 7M0 035 849E * Sunglass holder - 1CO 857 465 Y20 (grey) -1CO 857 465 3PT (beige) * Toureg torch - Replaces cigarette lighter - 7L6 947 175 A * Front discs - Black Diamond - KBD971 312 mm * Front pads - Black Diamond - PP279 * Front valance(4mo) - 1J0 805 903 F B41
  3. bungy

  4. As the title asks, can you polish scratches out of glass and has anyone got any tried and tested methods for doing it. I've got 2 very small but still annoying scratches on my rear screeen and want them gone.
  5. I've been quiet on here with lots going on in my life lately but I have got a couple of new toys. The 4mo is tucked away in the garage. My Leon Cupra running more than the factory set 240bhp And this is taking most of my limited spare time.
  6. Worthersee Vr6Oc Trip.

    Spectacular scenery and laid back atmosphere with lots to see and do or just chill out with friends. I loved it and looking forward to next year.
  7. Bungy's toys

    Quick enough with the handbrake off, how's tricks?
  8. Esp A Little Overzealous?

    If you do have it pressing the button doesn't switch it off completely. Best to code it out.
  9. Do you know what size injectors you are running as you are more likely than not over fueling which will cause bore wash and premature engine failure. Also running high compression will give adverse affects.
  10. Coil pack Options

    Not sure about the exacts but I was told they are better and this set that I have was a replacement after one of mine failed and tried to catch fire. I pulled up at a roundabout and caught a glimpse of smoke from the bonnet. I jumped out and managed to catch it before it did any damage.
  11. Coil pack Options

    R3.6 ones fit and work well
  12. After buying my 24v 4motion in July 09 after over 50 cars through the years of varying marks I had a fair idea of the direction I wanted the car to go in but not sure on the specifics. And so the changes started. This was the photo from the initial advert for the car and caught my eye as it must have been one of the last 4motions made before the R32's took over. It's on an 04 plate. A list of idea's was starting to form but there were a few things to sort out first. There was no record of a recent Haldex service, which is not unusual even from the main dealers. So first task was to research and service the Haldex unit. With that out of the way I debadged the rear and set about some paint correction and polishing. Looking at that photo I forgot how small the standard OEM tail pipes were. Some number plate surrounds and pressed metal plates tidied things up a bit along with a club sticker. My attention now turned to the ride height and suspension quality. I opted for a set of AP's after asking many questions. And the same as everything else set about fitting them myself. I couldn't get the rears to sit low enough and so in the end I removed the adjusters. Although I liked the Santa Monica alloys that came with the car they were only 7J fitment and so I found an advert on the forum for some TT Ronals that come in 8.5J and so a much wider fitment. I had the tyres removed and spent some time prepping and painting them at home in my garage in Satin black. I liked the finish I was getting and the colour and so set about colour coding the front and rear badges. And as you can see from this photo I fitted a Miltek non resonated exhaust which had very impressive build quality and right from the start fitted beatifully with no adjustments needed. With the exhaust, suspension and alloys fitted I now needed an intake and decat. Both of these took some time to sort but eventually I found a BMC CDA and set about modifying a decat pipe. The second hand cat was cheap from a breakers and easily cut and welded due to the heavy gauge metal it was made from. Cats removed And all welded up The supersprint version of this is over £300 and this one cost £45. Whilst trying to decide whether to go turbo or charger the stereo came for a little bit of fettling and so all 4 speakers were changed for Alpine units and the head unit was fitted after a top tip from the Stig. The OEM pocket above the stereo cost me £30. :-# With lots of help from Team South and patient club members I slowly worked my way through the mods with even the little things making big differences. Paul showed and helped me to modify my gear linkages to shorten the throw and it works a treat. Here's a link to the "how to". http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?339221 At about this time the car broke down and managed to melt one of it's coil packs. Stig came to the rescue with some 3.6 coil packs but unfortunately the signs were not good and I thought my ECU had burnt out too as it was unresponsive. The club rallied round and that afternoon Russ came round after travelling 25 miles and tested it with VCDS. With no joy and at short notice Matt came round on a Sunday night with a spare ECU. As it turned out a fuse had blown when the coil pack failed and so all was good. Before they left Matt and the others from United Motorsport remapped my car to make use of the modifications and raised the limiter. The rear camber after lowering had settled out and needed correction. Rather than go the well trodden route of R32 components I managed to find a company in Australia who manufacture correction bushes. With these fitted and adjusted everything sat right at the rear but the front drop links were too long. I wasn't going to pay the price of "posh" ones and so tailored a set that were right for the car. I've not been too happy with my headlights and tried a set of Heela quads which were very "marmite" and I removed the next day. I have now sourced a set of black surround headlights which should darken them down some and it's just a case of the postman pulling his finger out before they are fitted. And here is the car as it stands today and one of the pictures taken when featured on the site http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?339444 And one in action at Santa Pod earlier in the year With ARP studs ordered and parts slowly coming together here is a hint for the new years project.
  13. New Feature Car is now up!

    We have kick started the revival of the Feature Car with something special for September http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?483162
  14. Chaz's Slowmo build

    It will throw an eml. You can buy a cheap standard cat and cut out the internals. You can find them in breakers or eBay.
  15. Simple Rules

    I had an incident on the M6. Another driver who clearly didn't know how to use indicators and mirrors pulled out and across lanes towards me whilst I was overtaking. Our mirrors actually overlapped. One of my passengers phoned the police due to their erratic driving and was informed ours wasn't the first complaint for that vehicle. Some people's motorway driving is shocking.
  16. Gearbox oil change.

    It is a multiple spline one like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VAG-Gearbox-Drain-Plug-Tool-M16-Security-Spline-1-2-Dr-/321009063846
  17. Which Belt to use??

    Cables and pipes inside the chassis rails.
  18. Gearbox oil change.

    I borrowed the spline tool to do my gear oil change. Make sure you remove the filler before the drain plug.
  19. 24vT mk3

    Great progress.
  20. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year one and all. I'm looking at a new project for this year.
  21. Opinions??

    Love the effort but not the best chassis to put it into.
  22. My V6 4Motion

    TPS as it is an OEM part.
  23. My V6 4Motion

    Under £30 including gruv nuts and bolts.
  24. My V6 4Motion

    S3 lower strut brace is really cheap, a direct fit and does most of the work. Well worth doing.