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  1. Just reached 95K, so did a gearbox oil change on the 4mo. 30NM for the 14mm allen, fill and drain plugs. Used fluid came out a far darker and more viscous than the oem gear oil that the stealers now charge £17 a litre for. Previously there was a difference between gear changing when stone cold and when fully warmed up. Now it feels like it is at working temperature from the off. My advice: Make sure car is good and hot before you drain. Clean fill and drain plug areas before you start. Buying 3 litres means you have 1/2 a litre spare so squirt it in there, after draining, until those last
  2. Job done, The two forward diff carrier/ subframe bolts need to be removed along with their large backing spacer. The subframe itself is still secured by the other three, if you do them one at a time, so there is no need to prop it up.
  3. Sorry Paul I don't know how to so I have re-phrased my post. Hope it helps or maybe someone else can post some images. If I did remove them is the correct torque for the new TTY bolts, 81 ft. lbs + 1/4 turn?
  4. These correct the rear alignment on lowered cars. The inner and outer bolts, that secure the lower tie bars, can be loosened and slide out easily as nothing is in their way and the tie bars themselves can be removed from the car with no issues. However the inner bolts of the upper tie bars will not slide out as the heads of the subframe bolts are in the way. How are you guys getting them out and getting a new bolt in, removing the subframe bolt?
  5. Bungy, Having spent the morning under the car I see what you mean. Spadam "snap and reflare" That missing 1/4" of brake pipe will save weight too! :-d
  6. Bungy, Could you please clarify where you cut the bracket. Also. Is it necessary to detach the various lines running along the inner face of the trailing arms ? Thanks.
  7. Regarding the dogbone mount..... I have these torque settings to use to re-attach it to the car, Small bolts to subframe (x2) 18 ft-lb 
 Longer bolt to tranny through bushing (x1) 30 ft-lb
 Shorter bolt to tranny (x1) 30 ft-lb I have done this mod using Superpro bushes, (With hindsight I wish I went with their stiffest rear race bush, may well change it.) T.
  8. I have been avoiding Cindy Crawford's phone call's all week, so I will be able two pop along tonight after all, T.
  9. Yes, I came across references to a Bentley manual but when I looked over their site the only one I found was titled: Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, GTI: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 Cabrio: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 (A3 Platform) Service Manual including 1.9L TDI, 2.0L and 2.8L VR6 Is this the correct one? T.
  10. 10 weeks with no response, I guess thats a 'No' then....... :-( What about a list of all the torque settings? Can anyone confirm if the Haynes manual has them? T.
  11. 'Vag night,' Now there's a cue for a really dirty joke! I will try to keep the 24th free so I can stop by. T.
  12. Thanks craggsy, Some further reading........ http://forums.thecarlounge.net/showthread.php?2510539 http://forums.kilometermagazine.com/showthread.php?5213098-HPA-Motorsports-Haldex-Controller-for-MkIV-R32-Mk1-TT T.
  13. Bungy, I now have a copy of the fitting instructions that come with it, and yes, it seems easy enough! craggsy, Is yours the 'Blue' cased version? Do you know if its the same as the bare alloy cased ones, like those on ebay at the moment? apparently, they come in model A, B and C and a version called the 'competition' controller. Regards.
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