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  1. This car has now been sold to my housemate..so at least I still get to see and enjoy it. I couldn't justify spending any more money on this car as I struggled to see any returns come from it. Maybe if it was an R32 things might have been different. Anyway...moved onto Jap crap and got myself this. It's got the 300bhp prodrive pack 0-60 about 4.5 seconds, Brembo's all round and you can change the split of the power between front and rear wheels. Seems like a good platform to start with. Looking at buying an old 95 Passat estate off a friend in a couple months as a Daily driver and got loads o
  2. I think that arch trim was holding that part of the car together :-D good luck with getting it all sorted
  3. Picked up some cleaning products this morning. Clayed the car for the first time with meguiars clay bar and quick detailer then gave it the dodo juice purple haze treatment for wax and even managed to give the engine bay a once over. Very happy with the finish although it does highlight areas down the sides of the car where the paint has been touched up previously which is bugging me a bit.
  4. Got tyres fitted today...yokohama AD08's, not cheap at 150quid a corner but I like to try different tyres. Link to a picture of the tyres http://image.popularhotrodding.com/f/30412765/1010phr_23_o+1975_laguna_project_car+yokohama_advan_neova_ad08.jpg Anyway, wheels are on, and need to remove the stilts! Didn't sit as high as what I thought it would on standard suspension but still needs dropping asap! Want to have it lowered before the RR day.
  5. Shame you didn't get the figures you were hoping for. How much oil do you think your using?
  6. like the wheels and the colour combo. Two splitters?..do you just stock pile them on your back seat :-)
  7. Compomotive thv2 18x8. Purchased from reyland motorsport who I believe are currently the only supplier in the u.k to offer them in 18's. Thanks to reyland for supplying these beauties. Will be sorting the rubber later next week.
  8. After a 6 week wait the new wheels are in :-)
  9. http://www.totb.co.uk/cms/component/content/article/146.html Three events quarter mile/top speed test and handling. Very jap dominated but you can enter as a club against other owners clubs. Be interesting to see how vr6oc finest would fair against the "big boys". You can enter fwd/ rwd or 4wd class.
  10. Double din fitted, and spent the past week painting the wooden centre trim in BMW graphite grey with a satin lacquer. Still need to do the handles and will give the gearknob a try but will probably get an R-Line gearknob if it doesn't work.
  11. I think out the box the 4mo is a great daily driver. I loved the noise my mk3 made...but now the 4mo has a decat and non-res milltek I definitely prefer the noise of the 4mo. As for power delivery, I had my limiter raised to 7100 when I got it mapped and it gives you the extra time through the gears that you "miss" when used to driving mk3's. Everything considered I prefer the mk4 as a car but probably would prefer to be seen driving a mk3 lol.
  12. woah! Like your choice of colours for this car and looks like you did well with painting that engine bay....oh...and the air ride setup!! The pipework is definitely my favourite part. Put's my handy work skills to shame lol
  13. Payday treat! Been wanting a double din stereo for a while so picked up this Alpine today. Square buttons...very nineties interior :-d . Anyone got any tips to remove the c.d changer in the mk4's? Haven't had a good look yet. More goodies to follow over the next couple weeks :-d
  14. Looks like it came out really nice! Love new paint on old cars.
  15. Can the stealth rollers accommodate an m5? I'm up for this! Let me know when deposits need taking.
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