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  1. If you're changing the shocks.... Don't go to stock.... Very wallowy I fitted R32 springs and dampers to mine... Much better Got them for sale too
  2. Hi, I've recently purchased the indigo blue 4motion lovingly built by Bungy Strange world... I met Bungy at the club annual meet in 2011 having just bought my own ,Silver, 4motion Inspired by marks enthusiasm and ideas I set about making a few changes to my own car Fast forward to this year and having decided the silver car was Probably not worth continuing with, despite serving me well, I started looking for a new project I'd followed the blue cars progress, much like many others, and always wondered What it would end up being Well, now maybe I'll find out I can't promise to be as thoro
  3. I use both in my 4mo and theres a definate drop in average MPG on 95 ron petrol compared to 97 or 99 , about 4-5 mpg over a week which pretty much outweighs the extra cost of the better juice .......well thats what I`ve convinced myself anyway
  4. just sold a set of 4 with goodyear tyres on for £175.00 , that seems to be about the value
  5. Hi Bungy .... any noticeable , real improvements with the BMC ?
  6. need a new air filter for the 4MO , whats the common verdict ............ panel filter ( K&N , Pipercross etc.) or induction kit , cheers
  7. had a knocking noise on my 4mo , sounded like it was coming from the rear ... passenger side ...... replaced all the stuff you mentioned , checked everything out at least 3 times ! turned out to be the lower ball joint on front .... sound really seemed to be coming from the back and it wasnt just me that thought so
  8. oh yeah ... and H & R anti roll bars , sharpen up the steering , not a massive spend on all the above but a car transformed
  9. stock R32 springs and dampers on mine , handles fine and ride quality is good .... although I`m sure you can get as good a deal with coilovers , milltech exhaust and remapped ( have a word with Jim Potter on here ) goes like stink and sounds lovely - thats the car not Jim
  10. VRStig ..... thats good seeing as I have R32 springs and dampers fitted and beefed up ARB`s , excuse my ignorance of all this lol
  11. I`ve decided to replace my corroded santa monica 17" alloys for something shiny and new , got a style in mind that I`m happy with - just cant decide what size .... 17 or 18 " Aesthetically I prefer the 18 but dont want to compromise the handling and or ride if indeed this is the case , now obviously I cant try a set of 18`s out so was wondering what other 4mo owners thought /had experienced ???
  12. haha , yeah was a funny driving round looking for your camper Jim , only to ring you and find you were at home DOH !
  13. hi Bungy , nice to meet up with you yesterday , great tip about the mirrors .... cheers , want to speak to you further on that matter and the short-shifter , got be honest the thought of trophies is far more exciting than beer
  14. had a good day yesterday at the club meet , nice to meet so many members and myself , my son and his mate`s loved the cars , I came away with some good advice and plenty of ideas for improving my own car ..... found everybody to be welcoming and sorry we couldnt stay into the evening . but will be back next year to hopefully snatch a trophy or 2 haha
  15. big thank you to Jim Potter for taking a look at my car today ...... nice to meet you and cheers Jim
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