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  1. VR6 No cranks. Starter?

    Na not hard buddy, remove column surround, unbolt joint on the column at the bottom by peddles, unplug the wires, unscrew the screws holding in the switch in, replace and put everything back. can be done in like 30 mins. Yeah l can see why you would, but as we have all found out at some stage these things are never as simple as they should be lol Dont get me worng it may not turn out to be this (however it was in my mates case), but it would be a good shot to start with
  2. VR6 No cranks. Starter?

    It could still be the ignition switch buddy, I know someone that had the same kinda problem and it turned out to be this. If you have no luck with anything else it might be worth changing it as it is only a few quid and pretty easy to change.
  3. Help!...no drive to wheels!

    glad you got it sorted dude
  4. New windscreen required on sorn'd car

    with it having happened before the start of your policy, it would be fraudulent, so no one on here would condone such a thing dude However theoretically it could be done like that yes.
  5. 4motion gearbox?

    There have been people that have done it buddy so it is possible, not sure how much work it is though lol
  6. Help!...no drive to wheels!

    Might be a broken CV in which case buddy, but you could always get a driveshaft with the cv, kill 2 birds and what not, however you still shouldnt be able to shift gears with the engine running and not using the clutch
  7. Help!...no drive to wheels!

    Just a thought, but your selector hasn’t come loose or busted? It would explain why you can shift gear with the engine running (as it wouldn’t actually be shifting gears) and if it kicked the box in to neutral when it happen it would also explain why you have no drive. I know it is a long shot, but might be worth checking before you spend on a new box
  8. I would say poly top mount I have heard good things about R32 wishbone bushes Rear axle bushes l would say after market ARB are worth upgrading buddy, size depends on what you want and might as well upgrade the ARB bushes when there I would say that it would be worth getting strut braces as well buddy and if you want to upgrade the brake you could always go for the 312mm which will fit under 16s buddy, which with good pads should give you enough stopping power
  9. Coilpack age!

    Yeah they are just that crap buddy I have had my 4mo since like 09 and have been through at least 2 coilpacks since l have owned it!
  10. VR6OC makes the papers

    haha that is pretty damn awesome
  11. Cleaning products!

    Im by no means an OCD cleaner but l use this stuff followed by the sealant glaze and it does the job nicely also easy to use and lasts ages http://www.elitecarcare.co.uk/klasse-all-in-one-polish-and-sealant-500ml.php
  12. Mk3 4wd... 02m with BMW rear diff

    I would think a haldex with LSD and upgraded controller should do you fine for that buddy
  13. Fuel goes down about as fast but thats about it! lol
  14. one these? cos they do sound somewhat evil! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhYhYjRdD_E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtPLJC79Ek0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLv5DZlGU5w
  15. Auto or Manual... That is the question...

    personally l would always go for manual buddy
  16. Transport options

    Good stuff dude, you should be able to find one being broken and nab the box off of it, just keep an eye on the for sale section
  17. Transport options

    Someone like this would prob be your best bet for large/heavy or large orders buddy, but any (good) transport company should be able to help you out. http://www.savannahfreight.com/Shipping-Cars-to-Namibia.html
  18. 300bhp!

  19. there you go craggsy as requested! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN2y8TR3Tlc
  20. Ignition problems

    You could always try changing the ignitions switch, cheap and pretty easy and can cause this sort of issue (might not be this but is worth a try)
  21. Assistance required with 2008 BMW

    Having a scan through google it does seem to be somewhat common, but like everything car related it could be a number of things, corroded elements, broken wires, relay/fuse or the smart battery charge wire sensor thing. So l would say check the relay/fuse(s) first as it will be nice and easy if they are ok it might be worth giving it a scan to see if that brings up anything before moving on This isnt a problem l have had before (as l dont own a BMW) but dont mind a bit of googling to try and help
  22. Assistance required with 2008 BMW

    Check the relay for the rear screen buddy, it might just be that it needs changing or has a loose wire
  23. Drivers window working - ish

    Take the door card off and check the plastic clips that hold the bottom of the window dude. These have a habit of breaking which messes with the whole up down of the window
  24. Good start to the year... Not

    fu*king roofers! that is all