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  1. I don't know personally, however according to the internet it should work dude. I had a quick read through a number of sites. "The mk3 vr6 fuel pump can be fitted to mk3 8v and 16v the only different is the early vr6 using 4bar fuel pump and the late vr6 using 3bar fuel pump the same with 8v and 16v!" So l am guessing the same applies to the reveres
  2. Need help 24v vr6 won't start

    Have you tested the the normal stuff i.e. make sure you're getting a spark ect..?
  3. Wheel bearings

    Yeah it is if you buy a new hub too, but it is a real pain in the arse and there is a risk that you might damage the hub or the new bearing.
  4. Wheel bearings

    Yup have done it a few times dude, but the easiest way is for you to take the hub off and take it to a garage from them to press out/in bearings (unless you have a press at home that is) other then that it is pretty straight forward
  5. fuel & injector cleaner.

    +1 for comma d-tox buddy

    Im sure it would do the job buddy, l just went for the R32's cos that is what l was looking for, it was OEM and l didnt have to think about the size spit between front and back and having been in a R32 l sort of knew what l was getting in terms of performance and with the others l didnt But l dont think you would be any worse off for going the Eibach route.

    You will be looking at about £300 ish mate, cant remember the exact cost. I ordered mine from AwesomeGTI (very good company!) this will give you an idea of cost, http://www.awesomegti.com/car/vw/golfmk4?subpart=AntiRollBars

    from your avatar it looks like you have a 4mo buddy, if you do, upgrade your ARB's to R32 ones (or aftermarket if you prefer) poly bush it up with a good set of coilovers, this will make the handling a whole bunch better If you can manage to find one, get your hands on a blue haldex controller. Like has been said, exhaust, decat (or gutted cat replacement) I have a cone filter, it gives no gains (or at least l don’t think so) but l like the sound lol Other then that, cams, lightend flywheel, light weight pullies. There is also a guild on here to short shift 4mo’s (l think Bungy wrote it) and then you would be looking at FI after that and on the NO NO's side, it is a little hard to say as everyone has different tastes, however if your car ends up on the your favorite golf thread here (http://www.vr6oc.com/forum/topic/44947-your-favorite-golf/#entry424932) you have prob gone from the path of good taste haha
  9. Your favorite golf

    I think l just threw up a little looking at these
  10. I would say either coil or MAF buddy
  11. that made me chuckle dude lol I dont use apple stuff so cant help you there
  12. Engine rebuild parts

    I haven't myself, but l have heard good things about them. They seem to be pretty widely used by the VW crowd so cant be bad lol
  13. Engine rebuild parts

    These guys might have what you are looking for buddy and l would guess that postage from the USA would be cheaper to you then from here http://store.034motorsport.com/products/engine-components/vw-vr6.html
  14. what is this part called?

    scuttle panel l think dude ^^^^ Yup what he said (my typing needs some speed training lol)
  15. Worthersee Vr6Oc Trip.

    I wont be going cos l am on a course for work
  16. Describe your day in 3 words

    Dogbone Mount Ordered
  17. Describe your day in 3 words

    What's that noise
  18. Describe your day in 3 words

    f*ck Monday already
  19. Help!

    Just google the part number thats on it?
  20. Do any women drive vr6's or is it all man power

    There used to be a few ladies on here, Nat, Helen and Sal pop to mind and lm pretty sure there were others, although they do seem to have vanished nowadays lol
  21. stereo problems

    now now kids lol
  22. Amd essex rolling road day ?

    It depends when in May dude, as l am away for a bit of it? also whats the cost?
  23. Amd essex rolling road day ?

    The club has had a couple RR days buddy, one in Salisbury and one at Stealth, but as far as l know there hasnt been one at AMD as yet
  24. VR6 No cranks. Starter?

    Ok this is a good easy to follow DIY guide http://www.vaglinks.com/Docs/VW/MKIII/VWVortex.com_VW_MKIII_Ignition_Replacement_DIY.pdf I dont have one to check, but l think the correct part number is 6N0905865 and this is what you are looking for (always shop around for price at to check fitment for your car) http://www.volksbits.co.uk/servlet/the-17032/Ignition-starter-Switch-BLACK/Detail no you wont need to do anything for the keys, because you are just changing the switch and not the whole barrel your current keys will still be used and work.
  25. VR6 No cranks. Starter?

    same as above l would guess dude, change your ignition switch and see if that sorts it