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  1. Cash waiting please message me on 07716477787 TIA
  2. vwvr6sc


  3. No one has left a deposit for either gearbox. If collect it today before 5pm you might just get one. I'm based in Luton
  4. 290bhp 268ft 2.8 AAA OBD2 MAFless by Vince
  5. Looking for COILOVERS something midrange
  6. I have a few used parts all in good condition for sale O2A gearbox (74k) £160 ***SOLD*** O2A gearbox with Quaife LSD AND G60 FD 3.86 3months old £1000 ***SOLD*** Radiator £20 Front antiroll bar £10 Clutch flywheel & pressure plate £120 ***SOLD*** Lower inlet manifold £30 Schrick manifold 2k covered from new for OBD2 £1250 ***SOLD*** 4x vr6 alloys £80 Bad boy bonnet needs wrap stripping and paint job £50 Sunroof mechanism £10 Stealth mapped ECU for Vortech V1 Supercharger £250 Toyo proxy tyre 205/40/16 7mm £30 Bocanegra Alloys which fit over cupra Brembros callipers 2x Pirelli P Zero n
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