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  1. Good Afternoon all, As you may be aware I probably have one of the last original rear Quarters (petrol tank side) in existence. Does anybody know where or how I could get this cast/copied so that we all have such item for future repaires Cheers JT
  2. Cheers Buddy, But managed to sort Thankyou very much John
  3. Full rebuild , check the new engine and gearbox I bought and put in before I mothballed her, and then think about the turbo vs supercharging quandry
  4. After 8 years of storage , time to get busy
  5. Totally Dogma, I have had the highline dry stored for the last 8 years , luckily the original body parts that I have managed to get before they were discontinued ... two doors , a boot ,a bonnet and possibly the last full rear quarter panel in existence, were stored separately phew ....
  6. Thankyou for you kind thoughts Dogma well miffed
  7. Not the greatest of news, the place where my VR6 was being dry stored was broken in to over the bank holiday weekend. They have smashed my sunroof front and back lights. Ut could have been much worse I know but could anyone kindly point me in the direction , where I could get: 1.Sunroof Glass 2.Front Lights 3 Rear Lights Thankyou very much Peeps Best Wishes John
  8. Hello, Would anybody be able to tell me which bosch battery would fit my car ? The options are S3013 S4013 and S5013 Thankyou very much John
  9. Hello All, the time has come to totally strip and restore my beloved 1996 VR6 Highline Golf. New Quarter, Boot, Doors etc. Would anybody have a diagram or list of how to strip her down? best Wishes JT
  10. vw parts international what a great site, I have had my VR6 highline sat in drystore for the last 4 years, with the last genuine parts that I could get my hands on : rear quarter pannel , a boot , two new doors and two new sills. Just trying to get the *** that I gave a grand to , to do the work !!!!!
  11. nonnyt1970


  12. Hi , I am in touch with C2 motorsports and wondered if anybody had a clue what specification of Red Top injectors I need. I am just collecting the ancillary parts that I need for my near future Supercharging project. I believe my Highline engine is AAA 2.8. Thankyou John
  13. Hi Everybody, Very sorry if this is a re post but does anybody have a diagram showing all the bodywork parts , sills , quarter pannels etc Thankyou John
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StGU7U1UvP8
  15. Hi , would anybody know what sort of price two original front wings would cost? Thanyou JT
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