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  1. Make me a fair offer mate if you still want it. Don't know how much there worth really
  2. Weird one, I've never heard of this before
  3. At least someone likes the look of my knob 😂😂😂
  4. Wow, really nice Vr6. LC9Z looks sexy. Really nice mods! Shows the engine is in good condition if it doesnt fail emissions with the decat on. Good luck with the sale
  5. Hi mate, so for gearknob and obd cover, does £45 Inc postage sound fair? I'll have to sort the window seal in a few weeks time as I'm crazy busy. Dont worry, I'll pay whatever the postage is on the seal. Got some pics of my knob for you. Hehehe. It's in better condition than what I remember.
  6. What the title says. I'm after a schrick manifold with all the associated parts.
  7. Yes mate, willing to post. I'll get a picture of the gearknob tonight
  8. I got a set of rear black lights you can have for a tenner. I've got the sunroof glass but i can only take it out once I send the car to the scrap.....about a months time
  9. Yes mate, I have all of these items in good condition, except the wooden gear knob has age related wear. Still in good condition though
  10. Yes mate, I have everything you need in black. All in good condition.
  11. To late buddy. I've got the beauty now
  12. Yes mate got the drivers side. Do you want me to post it?
  13. I'll have a look, to see if I've got the passenger side black plastic thing that connects the front lip and arch. I know I've def got the drivers side, but i think I took the passenger one off. I'll check tonight
  14. Nope sorry, I had them taken off when I had the sills done
  15. Hi Guys, time has come to break my P reg highline that I have owned for 12 years. All parts available except inpro headlights and carbon bonnet. Also the 2 front wings are rusty at the bottom. 3x sets of 3 door smooth side mouldings in black. £60 a set. SOLD - Full black leather interior including door cards £200. SOLD - Mk3 factory full wood steering wheel. Totally mint, it's been packed away for the last 8 years. £300 SOLD Totally smoothed front bumper with fk intakes smoothed in. Has one crack in it, but is covered up by the numberplate. SOLD rear bumper totall
  16. Has any one tried race fuel in there vr?
  17. by cheap stuff, i was talking about standard tesco fuel against tesco 99 Also the engine runs much more smoother with T99
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