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  1. Bump. Price now £7000 ono. Spare gearbox and trailer now sold.
  2. This is a VW 02A close ratio racing gearbox from the Vento Challenge Championship. The gear set was supplied by Gemini as per the Vento Challenge specification with standard 1st & 2nd and close ratio 3rd, 4th and 5th. It has Gripper LSD which has only been run for 2 hours. Large flanges have been fitted which use the larger fixing bolts for additional bolt strength. Flanges are bolted in not push fit for reliability. The matching inner constant velocity joint we used are GKN 302305 which are for VW Caravelle, VW Multivan and VW Transporter. Eurocarparts 657446590. The gearbox was c
  3. Hi, I have the 24 valve BDE engine fitted to my Vento VR6 (Mk3 base) racing car using the 12 valve standard gearbox casing (different gear set) which bolted straight on. We just used the engine mountings from the 12 valve setup without any problems. The exhaust of course is different and we used a straight through system that we had to buy. The BDE engine has variable inlet and exhaust cam timing plus intake manifold switching. These need to be controlled via the engine management system. Hope this helps. Barrie...
  4. Hi, Photos now added to listing. Thanks for reminding me. Barrie...
  5. I have decided to let my Vento racecar go for £8400 or best offer including my Brian James solid bed 14' x 6' 1" 4 wheel trailer complete with tyre rack. Barrie...
  6. Vento Challenge VR6 Race Car £7000 Located near Thatcham, Berkshire. Race ready car set-up to race in the VAG Trophy Championship. Also suitable for the classic VW Cup and numerous national championships. · 2005 3rd in VW Cup Championship · 2006 2nd in VW Cup Championship · 2015 3rd in VAG Trophy Championship (Class · 2016 2nd in VAG Trophy Championship (Class Build Spec: · 2.8 VR6 BDE 24 valve Engine with Shrick Camshafts giving 224BHP at the flywheel measured on Shark Motorsport rolling road. ·
  7. KW coilover Variant 3 racing suspension, compression, rebound + height VW Mk4 Complete with springs and brackets. Rose jointed top and bottom all units. Front tops are elliptical to allow adjustment of camber and castor. The adjustment on the bottom of the front units uses 2 different sizes of allan key. These were fitted to a VW RSI Beetle which is a VW MK4 chassis with rear beam axle. Fit these to your trackday or race car and they will improve handling immensely. Price £1100 which is under half the new price which is about £600 per corner. Barrie
  8. Hi, I have a Quaife F8R ATB LSD for sale from an 02A gearbox. Is for use with the push in flanges £380. Regards,
  9. Hi, I have now managed to get a crankshaft. Thanks to everybody who contacted me. Regards, Barrie...
  10. Hi, Anybody know the differences between the MK4 R32 and MK5 R32 engine specs, particularly bore, stroke, compression ratios, cams etc. Also is there any difference between the Mk4 engines. Thanks, Barrie...
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