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  1. Install time Still a fair bit to do but getting there
  2. Well stuck it together tonight, just to make sure it all fits together still happy with result so thought I'd share.
  3. Tonight I got it rolling, built up the passenger door internals but still need exterior handles to finish them. Also fitted the quarter glass, just waiting on a windscreen trim to fit that too
  4. Looks like a decent shell, I did the same with my mk3 when I fell out with my 5 door
  5. Oh it's been so much worse with paint on this shell, but it's finally at a place I'm mega chuffed with so all good. More progress now
  6. Mine was from a v6 Clio, adaptors and pipes
  7. Engine in and cooler setup trials, mishimoto 50% bigger rad and biggest cooler I could fit anodised black too. All fits behind uncut std bumper
  8. So engine bits back today, off stand tomorrow to time it up and fit single mass flywheel for o2m Wheel centres back so put together
  9. Got my hubs back from engineers today, had ibiza stub axles modified to accept mk5 rear bearings, meaning 5x112 direct fit again but my new brakes will bolt up no worries to them Studs fitted to hubs
  10. Cheers Mark Some decent progress today, just waiting on wheel centres and valve guides and seals Stripping factory laquer 2000, 1200 hard mop then soft, came up pretty well Stripped headliner and expanding foamed the recesses Stripped engine down, always had a oil burn issue on the car, turns out the supertech seals are letting way to much past them, so fitting new guides and oem seals Thought it would be rude not to match the ports while I was there Interior should be back this week, along with car
  11. Cheers guys, preparing interior for going to trim this week.. Started with door cards, cut required part out, recessed it and fibreglassed the gap Then onto dash, I don't use the std tt switches and going to be running heated screen and seats so don't need heaters, heater box removed and plan to fit two remote servos under there Dash trimmed in depth and then filler plates made for corners Fibreglassed over all in required holes Smoothed off and left it today just needing a quick sand in the morning
  12. Nice wee delivery today, can't wait to fit it
  13. Floor now under coated, base coated and laquered
  14. Floor now fully sealed, coat of stone chip and colour to be applied tomorrow
  15. It's fluid displacement, a type of hydraulic suspension, only rams at each corner
  16. First coat of por15 on the n/s floor And as it sits just now, full floor is primed, cage mounts all welded in, will be spray sealer end tomorrow then colour will be done on the underside. Then off to paint so I can clean up the engine and prepare for it 6 speed goodies and 35psi.
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