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  1. Just to close this thread off.. It wasnt starting due to a lack of fuel pressure, in turn due to the fuel filter rusted and leaking petrol. Fitted new filter last night... beautiful... like a new car!!
  2. Searched around on here and can't find it. Just want the right one without confusing my local stealer.. Ta
  3. Doing mine this week having never done it, anything i need to be aware of? Ta Chris
  4. Update.. Found one of the HT leads wasnt sat on right and my fuel filter is now leaking... Hopefully it was just the HT lead at fault, ill see how it starts in the morning.
  5. Problem been developing over the last couple of weeks...sometimes bad, sometimes fine but it's definately got worse in the last few days. When the car has been stood for say over an hour or overnght it struggles to start, taking 5-10 seconds of turning over until it starts then it briefly sometimes sounds lumpy... Once the car has run it'll start no problems.. New starter motor about 10k ago New Battery similar New plugs and leads Original coil pack re-fitted about 6 weeks ago as the newer replacement one packed in. No fault codes Its a 97 VR with 115k on. I only do about two 5 mile runs per d
  6. Yea they're recaro... sweet...even more of a bargain then :-d
  7. Got myself some Colour Concept Interior off ebay for a bargain £80 and i think they might also be heated...but i'm not too sure what im looking at as i havent seen heated seats before. They have a few wires, a female plug and what looks like a relay (square thing with a number on.. Would that mean they have the wires there for heating? Do i just need to buy the switch and loom? Any pics of the underside of a seat would be great :-d Thanks Chris
  8. Yea i would escalate it too, Sellers dont really stand much chance on ebay nowadays, both ebay & paypal side towards the buyer.. Chris
  9. They're a bit bouncy when driven hard but i still rate them and at that price you cant complain!!
  10. Any ideas where the best place to get one is? Cant even get my key into mine and as i'm de-locked on the other doors i'd like to get it sorted... Scrappers dont seem to have any :S Ta Chris
  11. Bought one for the missus at Christmas and she loves it although i'd rather have and ipod & a mobile phone...
  12. Might be this common problem.. see the 'fix' here http://www.pocketrocket.ca/mk3_window_regulator.html Chris
  13. I'm gonna order from Gruven direct and get the missus to bring it back from the states when she goes in a few months Mine is currently wrapped in silicon sealant and PTFE tape, it seems to be holding at the moment... Chris
  14. So you're missing on cylinders 6 & 1? Which ironically is the same ones my car was missing on! Get the compression test done next then.
  15. /\ He's suggesting the cylinder head gasket maybe on its way...which would cause a missfire. But the fact that it runs ok for a while makes me think it would be either the leads/plugs/fuel pump/relay... At least if you get a compression test done then that would put that one to bed. Have you tried unplugging each lead,one at a time, starting the car then using insulated pliers hold the lead on and listening to see if the engine runs any different? You can then gauge which cylinder is causing the missfire. Like i said i had the same problems for 2 weeks over Xmas (with no fault codes) and did a
  16. Daft question but are the all the leads on securly? I had exactly the same, went great then suddenly missing like a ****. 2 of the leads had popped themselves off... 9 times out of 10 these problems are caused my plugs/leads...
  17. Are you 100% sure the leads and plugs are ok? Only mine did this recently and i thought the same but i eventually replaced the plugs and leads and it cured the problem...
  18. Go to VW and get a genuine one, trust me it'll be worth the extra cash in the long run... Chris
  19. /\ as above, dont go cheap on the Lambda, get a genuine VW one.
  20. Mine's been flicking on and off for the last month, pads are fine so i'm just ignoring it...
  21. See this post from last week.. http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?262314.0#post_262473
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