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  1. i like the tunes but really not diggin gthe spolier mind with nearly 200 bhp ( well done most vrs have nearly 200 hp ) u will need it lol
  2. well done jim that is one mad car u have there if u dumped all ya seats and stuff like tony i recon u could get into the 11s lol
  3. i should be up for this aslong as the weather holds out ,will not be staying as the misses is off sunday . I will give u a ring in sat morning jim .
  4. my back button does not work i wonder if its something to do with service pack 2 for vista ?
  5. nice can u email me photos and vids please richard would like to see them
  6. let us know when u got all your bits on and i will book u in i will have a word with richard see if i can get u some discounted roller time when i get back from holiday . im glad that we didnt run it and more so we potentially stopped an expencive engine failure .
  7. We would like to thank everyone for comming today hope you all enjoyed yourselfs and had a safe trip home . 184hp engine power 146 hp @ the wheels @ 6130 rpm ( the one that matters ) 167 lbf @ 4980 rpm hope u get ya car sorted nigel if not give us a buz and we will see what we can do .
  8. i will have to watch out for that boulder/ oil slick u left behind. Emma and i are off to newquay on monday and she already has printed off the tickets for the seal sanctry . hope your hols get better mate see ya soon.
  9. hi people as the numbers are not going to be many richard asked if we can start at 10 am rather than 9 hope thats ok with every1
  10. i have deposits from: Helen Ro Gary Nial A D Walter Richard Obeng-Dwemoh Nigel Gregg x2 plus Craggsy and GaVR6in should be in the post just need to know i have at least 10 cars via pm calico
  11. thanks fella if people can pm me if they cant get deposits just so i can justify to my boss not booking other work in . Also if we are going to have 15 cars plus we need to arange another person to come in . Thanks people
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