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  1. It's been a while since i sold my VR which was an awesome car. so i just thought i'd update what i been upto. After the VR a bought 2 different Integra type-r dc2's for about a year. Really fun cars and handling was awesome. However i eventually sold it and got a run around for a while. Recently I purchased an evo vi tommi makinen which i been wanting for a while. Finally got a turbo car, must say im impressed.
  2. HID kits are going to be enforced into the MOT testing soon which means all aftermarket HID kits will become illegal.
  3. The fact that the VR is a older car is negated by the fact that it's a 2.8 whereas the type-r's are 2.0. When i had my VR i raced my mates EP3 from a standstill and I was ahead until about 80mph where he took over. Thats where the long 3rd gear lets the VR down and where the type-r would usually overtake. I also had a integra type- r for about 6 months which was a lot of fun and very different. It's much more nimble and would eat a VR around a track but the VR has much better usuable daily torque. The type-r's require alot of revving.
  4. sell it. You can always come back when your stable. all this emotional bond is just an excuse not to sell it. once you get rid of it, you'l forget about it pretty swiftly and realize you made a wise decision.
  5. I used to get 25mpg around local driving normally. On motorway id see 34mpg doing constant 80mph and id see 37mpg doing 70mph. My highest was 39.7mpg which is pretty damn good for a 2.8 litre engine.
  6. yeh the e30's are insane. especially the e30 M3
  7. Traction will always be an issue with FWD running 300+ BHP. Evo's obviously have the upper hand on the looks side aswel. But the VR has the abit of luxury that the evo lacks, but if your not too fussed about the luxury then go for the evo. I went for a Integra type-r from owning a VR6 for 3 years just for a change and i didn't regret it. I like to appreciate different marques and they all have different things to offer and have their distinctive pros and cons.
  8. H13VYY

    latest buy

    good find. they look like recaros to me.
  9. unlock the bottom steel purch with a wrench. Do this by holding the upper purch with a wrench while twisting the bottom purch with another wrench. And then locate the wrench on the upper purch and twist it and it should twist easily. once your happy with the height, spin the bottom purch towards the top purch and make sure you tighten them properly. Again you will need to hold the upper purch and twist the bottom one to make sure they're tight.
  10. i was 19 when i had my first vr. i sold my vr recently. im now 23. i moved over to the dark side mwahaaaa
  11. I had a golf VR6 OBD2 engine for a few years. When i had my VR6 i raced my mate in his Integra DC2. Rolling race from 30mph, he won. From standstill, it was close to about 70mph where he took over after that. I also raced my other mate in his EP3 CTR and it was pretty close to about 80mph where he then took over. It's the tall third gear on the VR6 that lets it down a little, whereas the Type-R will be screaming in the VTEC range all the way to 8500rpm. I now own a Integra DC2 and from A to B, it's a lot quicker but i miss the low down power on the VR.
  12. agreed. that would be the general consensus
  13. Yeh you can buy a used rotrex for about £1500 which pop up every so often.its a straight bolt on.
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