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  1. Does any1 no if there is a way to tighten up the gears on a vr6 or do they all feel like ur stirring porridge. Any help would b great. Cheers jim
  2. i used duck tape with mine didnt leave any sticky marks or any thing like that Jim
  3. Thanks for your help guys and gals but think iv found out it's the water pump so don't supose any body no's the best place to get 1 in the Cheshire area. Cheers Jim
  4. I noticed a horrible sounding rattle coming from the left hand side of the engine on my 94/m reg vr6. Has any1 got any ideas of wot it might be. Oh and it done about 120k. Cheers Jim
  5. Yeah did mate thought it might b an air lock but don't think it is now. It's starting to do my head in now have to fill it up every time I drive it. Jim
  6. Hi guys I have water leaking out of the overflow on the expansion bottle witch in turn is dipping on to the fuses below and now the fan dosnt work cos of the fuse. I hav resently changed the thermostat. Just wandered if any1 would have any idea to y I am losing water out of the overflow. Cheers Jim
  7. Cheers for all ur help guys just fixed the matrix thismorning got it for £23 took bout 3 and half hours. Cheers. Jim
  8. Cheers mate already joined the pipes so that's cool. Any 1 got any idea how much it would cost to get the matrix done cos I don't fancy doin it in this weather. Cheers jim
  9. Cheers guys. The temp gauge did go quite high bout 5 mins before the car filled with steam and water. Does this sugest anything else to any 1 like head gasket cos I don't like the sound of that. Cheers peeps jim
  10. Does any 1 think there's a chance that it could b a pipe gone as it's mainly on the drivers. And the drivers footwell has been wet for a couple of weeks. Cheers jim Cheers jim
  11. Yeah drivers footwell is soaked aswell as my legs and feet cos all the water pi*sed out the bottom of the dash and steam came out of the steering colum and everywere else. Hopeing it's just a pipe burst. But it's never that easy is it. Lol.
  12. Was drivin home tonight smelt a syrup sort of smell and **** loads of steam came out of the dash. Does this sound like heater matrix or burst pipe.
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