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  1. sorry to bring up old thread, but does anyone know if the magazine featured this day, wasnt it Golf+?? anyone know of which issue it was in... thanks
  2. claire only just seen this..lol i will come along if ok, if any spaces come up can i have one please, would like to know what my 1.8t is putting out. thanx
  3. hey peeps! il be on uk-mkivs outside side. so il cum over and say hi!
  4. just remove it.. it only clutters engine bay..it doesnt do anything to worry about.. as said block pipe at TB with a bolt. and vent other pipe down inside of wing..
  5. gav_113

    Ebay ??

    and me?? i just sold 2 things on the bay.. and have money in paypal and completed.. and ive not even sent items yet..
  6. u have 2 remove dizzy.. remove cap and leads.. 2 ten mm bolts and pull off.. hall sensor is in the bottom of dizzy..
  7. fit the lm reps mike.. be a shame not 2 after getting them..
  8. i done mine like that.. but machined it on a mill.. alot neater.. i have also a enlarged TB.. as said it is similar to a 2.9 one.. which is why i did it coz i have a 2.9 bottom end.. not sure if its worth doing on a 2.8 tho?
  9. i sold my mirror polished ones for 300.. without tyres if that helps?
  10. if u touch it in it would look a mess tbh.. best way is paint shop.. where is he to.. i could do cheap? pm me if interested..
  11. u can usually get them on ebay for 50 quid
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