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  1. I'm not sure what's involved in fitting the 3.6, but I've done quite a bit of research into 3.2 (R32) engine swaps. The only real challenge is having the exhaust manifold fabricated, but by the looks of your beetle, you are already familiar with jobs like this!
  2. That bug is awesome. It will be a tough act to follow! How about a mad engine swap for your VR as well? 3.6 engine out of the Passat R36 hasn't been done in a mk3 yet.....
  3. Nick's (antera309) Cab is Back....

    I can't believe it's up for sale again! I wish I had more driveway space 'cos I'd definitely buy it back, slap some coilies & RH Splits on it and get the Golf+ / PVW feature it's well overdue for. PLEASE let it be bought by a proper VW enthusiast this time around!!
  4. R32, not rite.........surely?!

    It's either a typo or yet another Nigerian scam.
  5. R32 or hand my car over to Stealth

    The 12v VR6 is devastatingly powerful when turbo'd, but with 2wd the mk3 chassis might have trouble coping with all that grunt. The R32 is an awesome car, no doubt about it, but the high purchase price won't leave much in the kitty for mods. If I was going to build an uber-Golf, I would start with a mk4 4Motion - they are cheap to buy, have 4wd, a close ratio six speed box and the possibilities for power are endless. R32 engine? Straight swap. Audi TT 225 engine & 'box? Straight swap, with near infinite tuning possibilities in the future. or you can turbo or supercharge the existing 2.8 24v lump. You'll be spoilt for choice.
  6. Your ultimate fantasy car !!

    Daily driver #1... Daily driver #2. Weekends...
  7. I can't believe how long this story has dominated the headlines. A tragedy for sure, but all the media attention in the world ain't gonna bring the poor little girl back. Maybe she was abducted by aliens. I dunno. Time to move on...
  8. 18" RS6 Alloys on a standard highline??

    I ran 8x18" R32 alloys on my cabrio with 215/35/18 tyres. I was running about a 40mm drop and the rear arches had to be rolled to get them on with no rubbing. I also had to cut part of the front wheelarch liners away. Handling was fine, although they did make the ride quality a bit harsh (as you would expect on such low profile tyres). On an 18" wheel anything wider than 8" would definitely be a no-no unless you're prepared to do more extensive arch work.
  9. Golf mk6

    It's an Audi A3 with an Eos front 'chopped onto the front and Golf mk5 windows 'chopped onto the side. NOt sure what's going on with that swage line & door handle... This is a better 'chop:
  10. I think they're just too old now to be of interest to the mainstream buyer. The mk3 GTI & VR6 have actually stood the test of time very well, just as the mk1 & mk2 GTi did before them. I mean, how many L & M reg Astra GSis, Escort RS2000s, 306 GTi-6s & Renault 19 16Vs do you see about these days? Not many. Compared with LOADS of Golf mk3 GTi/VR6s The only non-VW hot hatch that I can think of which has matched the VR6 for longevity is the 90's Honda Civic. You still see quite a few of these. Of course, in the VW enthusiasts community, the VR6 will live on for at least another 30 years!
  11. 4motion buyers guide

    I wrote an R32 buyers guide (it's in the Golf R32/Syncro/4Motion section). A lot of the common problems (e.g. Window drop, faulty fans, MAF failures) are common to the R32 & the 4Mo.
  12. Confused....you will be!

    That is going to grow up into a very confused car...
  13. As usual, I took loads of pics this weekend. Lots of mk3 content.... http://s11.photobucket.com/albums/a174/antera309/Edition%2038%20Show%202007/?start=all
  14. induction

    I might go for a panel filter myself. Much easier to fit and there are no worries with the filter possibly sucking up water when you go through a deep puddle (although the EIP intake has a special valve that protects against this).
  15. induction

    A CAI (Cold air intake) is the way to go on the R32. These locate the air filter (cone-type) behind the LH front bumper grille where the air is at its most cold & dense. All that shows in the engine bay is the pipe (either pilished aluminium or carbon fibre( connecting the filter to the MAF & throttle body. People have seen 10BHP gains on the '32 with this mod alone. The most popular kits are the EIP Tuning one: http://www.eiptuning.com/eip/airintakes.html and the Carbonio one: http://carboniointakes.com/vw/vr6.php
  16. The end of A12 VLO...

    Don't tell me, let me guess, the Combi driver was on the phone... Absolutely gutted for you mate. That was a lovely car... Make sure you "play up" the whiplash claim as much as you can - tell the doc you're having nightmares, PTSD, the lot (which might be true anyway) and screw the guy's insurance company senseless. Well done for keeping your cool and not hitting the guy - it only would have damaged your claim. Good luck getting it all sorted out and hope you find an equally decent 'dub when the time comes to buy a replacement....
  17. Electric polisher , what's good??

    Buy a Porter Cable, or wait for the Meguirs Ultimate Detailing machine to come out.
  18. Haldex Oil And Filter Guide

    Just so you know, the VAG Tool T10066 is available from http://www.vagparts.com/
  19. When this comes out I'm gonna buy a 360 just to play it. The previous three GTA titles are my favourite games of all time. When I got GTA San Andreas the world didn't see me for 3 weeks....
  20. Peak torque should be at about 2800RPM.
  21. golfs breaking??

    Quite a few VW Specialist breakers listed in the VR6OC yellow pages here: http://www.vr6oc.com/e107_plugins/yellowpages/yellowpages.php
  22. R32 Buyers guide

    Some of it holds true for the 2.8 4Motion. The problem with the cooling fans, in particular, is common to all Golf mk4s. As far as I know, a software update was never required for the 2.8, so no need to worry about that. Haldex fluid should be changed every 20k on all 4wd Mk4s. The guys on the UK-mkIVs forum compiled a nice list of common faults (for all models) that you can take a look at: http://uk-mkivs.net/forums/thread/425656.aspx
  23. nearly 2000 hits and not one person interested :-(

    My cabrio was up for sale for 2 months before it sold, even though the price was very competitive. At the end of the day, modded VRs are a "niche" car and the market for them isn't that large. Stick with it and it will sell eventually. A good idea is to put a watch on any cars on ebay that are similar to yours and see what they sell for. This is the best way of determining what sale price is fair.