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  2. Hi all. Need a bit of help with a problem my vr6 has got. Over the past month, I've heard a very slight 'scraping' coming from the chains at low revs, so was planning on doing them when I'm off work in august. But yesterday, the car turned over for a long time and refused to start. It did start on the second try, but made a strange noise like compressed air escaping. A friend of mine suggested that it could be that the chain has slipped a tooth, so the timing is out. Does that sound likely? In that case, I assume it's not safe to drive until the chain guides/ tensioners are changed? Is there anything else it could be? Â Matt
  3. The end of A12 VLO...

    Forget the gear knob - more like one of the strut braces! £50 for the pair - the arches have been professionally rolled to allow the 9x16's to fit well. They have been on my driveway for nearly a year though, so the paintwork probably isn't good any more - very dusty, and not sure if they're scratched. Matt
  4. The end of A12 VLO...

    Definitely! Revenge is sweet.
  5. The end of A12 VLO...

    I would normally have seen red and sorted him out - purplehighlinemonster style(!), but this time I saw pound signs instead! The thought of all that compensation held me back. It's amazing how sober I acted after about 10 pints of the black stuff too! Matt.
  6. The end of A12 VLO...

    Cheers guys. The engine and all running gear are going on to a mk2. I've had a full payout on the car, so that's paid the loan off, and I'm waiting for the injury compensation coming through to help pay for the mk2 swap, and hopefully I'll get enough for some new pistons and rods and other nice bits and bobs so I can turbo it. My insurance company told me I should get quite a bit, as I was taken to hospital with full neck brace on a stretcher for xrays. Very traumatising to be honest, so I think I deserve it. When questioned by the traffic police, the van driver couldn't tell them what he was doing - he was lost for words. I think the air bag hurt his nose quite badly, so at least he got some pain like I did! I thought he would get banned, as the policeman at the scene said he believes that travelling at roughly 60/70 mph while not concentrating should be classed as 'dangerous driving', and that is what he put in his report. The court decided that 'driving without due care and attention' was more appropriate, which carries a much smaller fine/ penalty. I was in town on a night out a couple of months after the accident, and saw the guy in a takeaway at about 2am. He came over to me and said "Hi - I'm the guy who smashed your car up". My mates got ready for the fight! :-d I managed to stay calm, and he seemed to be showing off in front of his mates. He was a typical young daft lad who shouldn't have a licence (I can say that now I'm getting older - 25!). He then explained how he can't believe that they are trying to send him to court for dangerous driving! I didn't say anything to that - he got the message and left quickly with his mates. (I am quite a big lad!) Matt.
  7. The end of A12 VLO...

    Cheers Goth - I had no idea how to resize them! Cheers everyone - the engine and running gear will live on! That's the best bit about it - it's ended up being a free VR6 donor car now I've had the payout for the car. Matt
  8. The end of A12 VLO...

    Cheers guys. I was a bit stiff for a couple of weeks, but nothing serious! The car has literally just sat on my drive since last September. Last week I managed to crowbar the tailgate open - that took almost an hour! The strut brace was on the car when I got it. It looks like a Trimsport one that I once had on a mk2 as far as I can tell. It might be for sale soon though - when I have worked out what I am doing. It's also got a Stroeve(?) front one as well - keep an eye on the classifieds! Binliner - who is Mike Tonge? His name is all over the service history (he spent A LOT of money on this car!), and I'm sure I saw him in PVW a few months back in an interview. I've always wondered who he is! Cheers. Matt.
  9. Hi all. Thought I would post up some pics of what happened to me last year in my highline (it was immaculate, and cost me £5500 9months before the accident). I'm not sure if it's a car that anyone on here has owned before, as when I first joined up someone pm'd me to say that it's been seen before in this club. I was sat in traffic on a sliproad on my way to work, when I looked in the rear view mirror to see a Vauxhall Combi van coming towards me pushing 70mph. The results can be seen in the pictures...... Don't know how the window has 'bent' without breaking..... Drivers door won't close, as the chassis is twisted..... Rear seats ended up hitting the fronts, along with my sub, etc. - if you look at the pins, they have totally bent the seat frames..... My drivers seat sort of 'snapped' backwards on the ratchet, and the middle of the seat back broke. I managed to get out of the car, but I was in agony with my neck. I had to lie on the floor and wait for the ambulance. They came, and put me in a neck brace and took me to A&E. I had quite a few x-rays, but they all turned out OK. The driver of the van ended up losing his job (it was a company van), and also being fined £250 with 4 penalty points for driving without due care and attention (there were no skid marks). Nowhere near enough punishment if you ask me. So as it stands at the moment, I have bought the car back, and still have everything as it was after the accident. I've bought a cloth VR6 interior and have transferred all the leather and heater elements over so that I can sell them as a good set of seats, and I've also bought a mint (underneath) mk2 shell (not the one in the photos) and it's going to get the full works. Depending on what compensation I get, it might even get turbo'd, which is something I've always dreamed of doing to a VR6. I've also bought a replacement - a 5door 'N' plate VR6 runaround to use daily for work and back. I missed the VR6 roar too much! 8o| Matt Mod Edit To Resize Pics Moderator edit by: TheGoth
  10. It's the pulley without any grooves on it for the belt - seems to be right in the middle of everything - just above the crank pulley. I can work on cars - I have had numerous engines in and out of Golfs, but I've just lost all motivation on this one for some reason! I've had enough of working in tight spaces, and there doesn't seem to be much room down that side of the engine!
  11. Bought a tensioner today. Fitted it, rattle still there. Took it off again(!) and checked each of the pulleys - the water pump is wobbly. Damn. New water pump required. It's booked in at the garage on Friday. Thanks everyone for your help.
  12. I've recently broken my wrist, and the plaster's only been off for a fortnight - gotta take it steady!!!!!
  13. How low can you go???

    Definitely hydraulics.
  14. How low can you go???

    Definitely hydraulics.
  15. Yeah - just had another look - the tensioner is right at the top. I've got a ram air filter, so I'll just move that to one side. Cheers.