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    VR6Pete reacted to Testing123 in Post your rolling road results here!!   
    2.9 VR6 OBD1 Corrado
    263 Cams
    Head was refubed when cams fitted
    150k bottom end
    Stealth remap
    Miltek non res
    Its had all sensors replaced with new quality items - Bosch etc 
    I am really interested to compare this to a Schrick VGI car but been through the thread and could only see @VR6Pete in the beginning which made simliar numbers, but peak torque a little lower at 195 ib/ft came in 400rpm lower and I assume more torque overall in the lower rev ranges but would be good to see it on a graph to compare. I'm just looking at where the next best route might be for the car as have had it a long time.
    219.7 hp
    211  ib/ft torque

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    VR6Pete got a reaction from coldguinnessman in Sensor above oil cooler   
    Do you have any photos of the area where it’s leaking from?
    probably unrelated, but worth ruling out for peace of mind as this is a common mistake a lot of people make. 
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    VR6Pete got a reaction from coldguinnessman in Sensor above oil cooler   
    Never had that before but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility but I didn’t expect it to protrude into the coolant system ? 
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    VR6Pete got a reaction from coldguinnessman in Sensor above oil cooler   
    Hey mate. 
    logic thing is that it’s crack pipe. Or the hoses are not fully tightened up. Check thermostat housing as they generally warp and never seal back properly. If you put some coolant in it should dry pink and may help you identify where it’s coming from easier ?
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    VR6Pete reacted to coldguinnessman in Sensor above oil cooler   
    Replaced head gasket recently, while running engine for the first time a coolant leak developed and I just can't pin where it's coming from.
    the coolant is dripping from the bottom of the oil cooler and gets faster when the engine is running. I have replaced the crack pipe, oil cooler, hoses and seals.
    there is a sensor just above the oil cooler. Could that be the source?
    any help appreciated
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    VR6Pete reacted to Vwmk3vr6 in I don't know what this is for sure do you?   
    Thanks man 👍
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    VR6Pete got a reaction from Vwmk3vr6 in I don't know what this is for sure do you?   
    Hey mate. 
    It’s a dummy plug. In some colder climates a plug that heats the throttle body / inlet is in its place. 
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    VR6Pete got a reaction from coldguinnessman in Oil cooler hoses   
    No worries, the part numbers are TB0580 and TB0581 if you ever changed your mind and only came to around £24 when I got them back then.
    Just get some rolled / rounded edge jubilee clips unless you have a brand new spring clips as they never go back on properly and more than likely will leak. 
    If you've had crack pipe off etc… then first fill your engine with just water and check for leaks before putting coolant in - all too often you see leaks where the block has not been cleaned up properly  
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    VR6Pete reacted to coldguinnessman in Oil cooler hoses   
    Thanks. I have replaced most of the hoses with silicone but couldn't find these so already ordered some new std. hoses. Did you secure them with spring clips or jubilee type clips?
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    VR6Pete got a reaction from coldguinnessman in Oil cooler hoses   
    If you can, replace them with silicon hoses. I got mine from merlin motorsport (samco ones)
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    VR6Pete reacted to chalkyh in Oem fan switch mk3 vr6 temp?   
    Agree with Pete there absolutely, and there's lots of variables.
    Yep, in answer to your original question, are the fans running after every run: NO. But, if I've been stuck in slow traffic, the ambient temp is greater than 25deg C or it's been driven like a VR should, YES, so as Pete says - it's dependant on lots of factors. These cars are old now, and to get one of mine right (with only 62k and dealer history) it took: crack pipe, thermostat housing, thermostat, radiator upper hose, main radiator, both temp switches on the thermostat housing, radiator fan switch - all to original specs - so no lower temp thermostat or switches. That sorted that one, my other 89k car needed a main radiator and fan switch (that car would get really hot before the fans cut in, over 105 deg C) and oil cooler heat exchanger. A lot of the problem is caused by the old antifreeze G11 or G12 that turns to silt / coating - it reduces the heat transfer through critical components and really reduces the efficiency of a radiator.   
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    VR6Pete got a reaction from jbagggg in Are you a lurker?   
    Are you a long time reader, or what is known as a lurker?
    Why not say hello, introduce yourself and perhaps post some photos of your car?
    We don't bite, and are a friendly bunch as you probably already know.
    Engage and be part of a great community, you don't have to sit there just reading and not saying anything
    If you have any questions etc... then just ask
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    VR6Pete reacted to Dogma in VR6 read badge   
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    VR6Pete reacted to Vurocious in VR6 read badge   
    Looking for OEM VR6 rear badge in South Africa please message me

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    VR6Pete reacted to Vurocious in VR6 read badge   
    Ordered and received
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    VR6Pete reacted to michael5556 in Are you a lurker?   
    hi, I'm Michael.I'm not a lurker but hello to all those who have confessed. And supercharger and shrick! get a build thread up man! 
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    VR6Pete reacted to Brandon Montgomery in 12V AAA Head   
    Chasing a head for my MK3 so I can run a secondary back up. Let me know what you have and what sort of price your looking for.

    I am located in australia

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    VR6Pete reacted to craggsy in Are you a lurker?   
    Hi my names Craig and I'm a lurker
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    VR6Pete reacted to Allymk2 in Are you a lurker?   
    Aye caught
    My name's Ally an I'm a Lurker, personally I've been called worse 
    I've been using your site on and off for a good few years now but only recently became a member oh and its great.
    At the moment I'm in the process of converting my mk2 and heres a few photos.
    The engine is a 2.9 with Vortech V2 charger strapped to it.
    Hope to post more pics up as I go along.
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    VR6Pete reacted to ChrisKnottIns in #BlackFriday Discount Code: SANTA226   
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    *£57.75 to be rounded to nearest whole £ = £58.
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    VR6Pete reacted to korsou in Keyless entry system on a 11/1996 MK3 Golf   
    Hello All,
    Hope all are well and healthy !!!
    I have an MK3 2-door Golf VR6 and I would love to install an original keyless entry system. I have read somewhere there are some parts that need to be replaced for this to be done.
    Can anyone shine some light on this? Many many thanks.
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    VR6Pete reacted to chalkyh in ...   
    VW Heritage have them listed but available on backorder only, they're the cheapest new priced @ £62 ish:
    There's the end cap for each side (£10 each) if they've gone too, and a black rivet for each.
    VW Parts International had them listed on the eBay shop they have, but sold out at mo, they were £77 a side.
    Second hand good ones are scarce, there's some sellers in Latvia (but not used them, postage is £££), and NK Auto in Greece is a good source (and will combine postage) - I've had a lot from him,
    Good luck in the search,
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    VR6Pete reacted to wessel429 in Vr6 turbo   
    Progress update
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    VR6Pete reacted to Dogma in Vr6 turbo   
    Nice .

    Looking lovely well Jealous.
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    VR6Pete reacted to RBPE in Vr6 turbo   
    What do you want to know? Most aspects have been covered on the forum so have a look through beforehand then ask away on more specific things!
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