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    Belt slips

    Hi my serintine belt keeps on slipping off or slpitting in hlf please...its a jetta VR6
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    VR6 supercharger advice needed

    I have everything you need here bar the headunit (V9) 24v VF Engineering Brackets For V9 FS As title, I have everything you need here for a stage 1 (6 psi) kit minus Vortech V9 headunit and some plumbing that can easily be fabricated to suit your car. This kit is for a 2.8/3.2 24v engine, can also fit 12v Mk4. These brackets are extremely uncommon and rare to get your hands on by themselves. This is ideal for someone looking to piece their own kit together bit by bit, and is cheaper than buying a full kit from a tuning company. E9P and superchargerinovations do similar kits for around 12-1500 quid. So what do I get? -VF Engineering bracket that attaches to the V9 -VF engineering bracket that bolts to where the idler bracket is. - 4 bolts for the V9 bracket. - 3 bolts and spacers for the idler bracket. - 6psi Vortech Pulley (stage 1) - Bosch bov good for 10 psi I might be able to get my hands on Vf plumbing for a non intercooled setup if required but price will reflect that. Parts are in Ireland, but price includes postage and packaging to anywhere in Ireland and Uk. My numbers 00353-877641555 I have whatsapp. 550£
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    LSD and updated clutch?

    I run a quaife diff and just a standard sachs clutch as recommended by Vince at Stealth he said unless you're driving the car really hard all the time on track days or whatever with supercharged cars standard clutches are fine because of the way they deliver the power.
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    Bora v6 4mo twin turbo

    Got a v6 4motion golf for sale gt3582r at 15-18psi, all the bells and whistles. £5k, strip the performance parts off it or swap the engine if you want to keep the bora. Cheaper/faster than new parts, less than a year on the parts
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    Hi lads/lasses Recently bought a golf and wanted to know where people tend to buy parts from in the Middlesbrough area. would rather go to a shop than buy online if possible but not pay silly money. Will be getting membership in the new year so i can get the club discount at certain places amongst other reasons but just as a general go to place where stock is off the shelf and quality is good ? Will upload pics soon when i get chance in the day and the damm bonnet catch replaced but plan on keeping it and slowly spend some cash on her make it how i want it but more on that another time Louie
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