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    Nice and clean. [emoji41]
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    Father and son mk2 Jetta vr is my old mans
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    Black on Black
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    Some new wheels.
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    Picture taken at show on Saturday past.
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    My 4 year old chuffed to bits to be riding shotgun in Dad's "broom broom" car as he puts it...
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    Well, after such a long break from owning a VR6 (L942EPL - still out there somewhere!), and a succession of Mk2's, 3's and 4's I'm back with one! An early 3 door 1994 car that I'd known about for a while, I'm just going through recommissioning it and detailing it too, it's now road legal for the first time in just over 5 years. Still plenty to do, although this one hasn't got any trace of rot at all, and only 62k from new!
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    Hiya !

    hi all new to the forum , had a r32 for a long time now about 10 years ish .... anyway list of current engine mods / recent work: R32 HGP TURBO GT35 with custom housings VAG 630cc injectors (4 bar) 8:5:1 Compression Short Runner Intake Exhaust Manifolds with Lambda Ports Down pipe with internal Wastegate HGP map Custom 3" Lucifer exhaust with VACS custom decat Running approx 20 psi Approx 520 bhp 490 ftlbs Sachs Race Single Mass Flywheel , sintered paddle disc Secondary Fuel Pump Rear 312mm Discs with standard calliper Front brakes Porsche 6 Pots with original 334mm Mtec discs ( in progress) Colour MFA dash (built by @ard_technik ) Newsouth Oil Pressure Gauge , offset column pod HPA Touch Motion controller 18" BBS CK alloys Custom Headlight 'US' Spec with full LED conversion from standard xenon Pioneer music thingy with Custom Gear Knob... Poly bushed and on collies i'm also after some advice on Gaz coilovers GHA335 ? any good ? cheers guys
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    Dam she's nice 👍
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    Euro Stance Concept Event

    Hi to all, is not only Vr6 related, but just wanted to share this video from an event we attended las sunday. i hope you like it.
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    So i bagged my Vr6 and installed the Azev Type C wheels.
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    The steeringwheel has a bit of wear, so i got hold of a stitch-in cover for it in leather. I need to steam it to get the wrinkles out, but im happy with the result.
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    I didnt mention the small updates in the engine compartement. Since the road authorities here doesnt like pod filters i created a box to hide it, it gets cold air from the bumper underneath. I also used a mk5 batterycover to hide the grey battery. Next on the agenda here is stock red ignition cables and black hoses.
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    MJ Vr6

    Post the last photo of your car!

    Should have never sold 😢 Boo Feckin Hoo..
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    Is there anybody out there?

    I've been a lurker for years and have sifted through some excellent material on a variety of subjects. They say the ol' 80/20 rule applies to a lot of things in nature, in this case, online forums. 20% of the people post content and 80% are scooping it up. Much of the content here in this forum is GOLDEN and it spans for many crucial years (applicable to many of our cars that are still proving themselves on the road). It is a learning curve with every forum to effectively navigate (but if there is good, applicable content, they will come). The strength of VR6OC.com is that it is VAST and DEEP in terms of subject matter and content. One question I've always wondered about is "with new tires, do old cars go faster?". Meaning, some of the tire recommendations for our older vehicles, whist perhaps on-point at the time, are probably now obsolete. Maybe we could start a thread of parts to swap out in our cars, replacing them with better ones for this day and age. I'd bet that tires have given our cars a huge advantage over the years or a disadvantage if we are not using the proper silica compounds 'for the times'. Took the VR6 out for a stretch earlier today. Such a wonderful drive, reminded of why we drive what we do. Who else can say they own a vehicle that enables you to play an instrument and drive at the same time? MMMM,, RAAA, MMMM, RAAA.... ha ha!!!
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    Is there anybody out there?

    There's a lot less interaction on the forums nowadays, not just this one - is everyone just facetubin' it nowadays or does that mean the mods have covered all technical Q's now? Just wondering what's changed in recent years?
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    Vr6 johnny

    Looking to buy

    At least you will still see it and its in the family. The best outcome I'd say [emoji41]
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    [SOLD] 1996 VR6 syncro 3dr

    1996 3dr Golf VR6 syncro Here we have my Golf VR6 syncro, I have owned this car for very nearly 5 years and it has been superb right from day one. Unfortunately these days I don’t have the time available to enjoy it to its potential, although it has been MOT’d every year and kept garaged the whole time. This is indeed a factory produced 3 door Golf VR6 syncro. It has 115,321 miles on the clock, comes with plenty of factory extras including Climatronic and heated seats, just under 12 months MOT and a solid engine and drivetrain. It is LHD as it left the factory, but please don’t let that put you off – it is very easy to get used to. The Golf is originally from Belgium, were it stayed for 2 years before going to a father and son in Sweden where is has spent most of its life. I was then sold to an Irish gentleman who was working in Sweden at the time and he owned the car for around 6 months and then sold it to myself. It is fully UK legal and registered correctly, no trouble at all with insurance, tax etc mainly because it’s a factory produced vehicle. Engine and gearbox: The engine is original and is a 2.9l ABV. VR6 syncros were fitted with the larger 2.9l VR6 engine, these benefit from a double (duplex) timing chain which is very quiet in this particular example with no rattling or odd noises. This engine is a real trooper and uses no oil or water. In the last 1000 miles it has had the following: HT leads, coil pack, rocker cover gasket, spark plugs, oil and filter. The PCV valve has been replaced and is working perfectly. It is fitted with a custom 3” air intake with hidden MAF meter with air flow straightener and large K&N air filter. This sounds as you’d expect from a VR6 and works perfectly. Drivetrain: Suspension is all standard and works well. The gearbox is quiet and changes nicely, the rear differential is also quiet and functions as it should and correctly disengages the freewheel upon reversing (allows 4WD in reverse). The brakes have had a large overhaul again in the last 1000 miles consisting of the following: Rebuilt and powder coated 312mm front callipers and Mk4 golf rear callipers both with braided hoses with new discs, fitted with EBC yellow stuff pads which all together provides some very reassuring braking power. The ABS system also had a couple of new sensors and works perfectly. Interior: Black heated leather is everywhere, all working correctly and in great condition, comes with genuine tailored mats also. The ABS and airbag lights light up and turn off as they should. The Climatronic is awesome and heats/cools very well indeed, all electrics from dash lights to windows function perfectly. It is fitted with a Toad alarm which is very good and works well. All the doors and ignition use the same key which is always nice. It had a new ignition switch fitted last year as it was getting sticky. It comes fitted with an Alpine mini disc player of all things – unfortunately I don’t have any spare mini discs to give the new owner but the radio works well! Exterior: The body is generally good, there is a Votex spoiler fitted to the tailgate with integrated brake light – quite a rare item when you go looking. The front right hand wing would want replacing ideally but is solid, the inner wind however is in great condition. Rear arches are very good, as is the underside and sills, they are particularly good for a mk3, probably due to its time spent abroad. It comes fitted with some mk4 golf steel wheels which are powder coated silver and lacquered, these look like G60 steel wheels as they have custom centre caps with bolt covers except they are 16” which is much more in proportion for a mk3, they are also needed to clear the 312mm brakes. The Golf is fitted with Goodyear eagle F1’s all-round which have masses of tread left. Other information: I have plenty of service documentation, receipts and old log books to go with the car both from abroad and the UK, I have the original clocks (in KM) with original mileage all recorded with DVLA paperwork. Also original LHD headlight glass, comes with two correct keys and alarm fobs all fully working. It has a Belgian fire extinguisher fitted in the passenger footwell – dated 1996 can’t imagine it’s much good now but fairly original! The number plates are set into the old Swedish surrounds. Overall this is a very rare car that is very functional and solid. With a little time and effort you could have something very special indeed. It is a car that I have enjoyed owning and always generates the right type of interest. I've only listed this on here at the moment as the forum has always been good to me though out the years. The UK pulled out its best weather for the photographs as you can see! Any of the wetness underneath is all water spray. If you need any more images please ask. I’d like £4000 GBP for this, any questions please ask away on here or else 07834559855. Located in Rugby, Warwickshire M6 J1
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    Beacuse of R32 engine swap I have for sale my Volkswagen Motorsport VSR intake manifold. It is a OBDI genuine VWM VSR unit in perfect condition , sand blasted and ready to paint , polish or whatever want the new owner. Complete system including: -control module -actuator -vacuum accumulator and lines -wiring -install instructions -x2 sets of spare VWM stickers -Stealth Racing custom ECU chip , (made by Vince) https://www.stealthracing.co.uk Price 1600€+shipping (+3,4% Paypal fee)
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    fotting new engine today

    well after 4 months am finally fitting my new engine
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    fotting new engine today

    cant wait to hear the bitch roar again cant wait to hear the bitch roar again
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    omar VR6


    My love
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    Hiya !

    Very nice car man nice list of mods as well very clean
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    VR6 Supercharged

    Hiya !

    Outstanding sir, simply outstanding. Currently on the look out for an R32 (Already own a Supercharged MK3 VR6) which I will be keeping in standard trim...
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    J4Y VR


    A few extra days of overtime over the last year or two 😝
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    Finally got around to fit the bonrath monowiper.
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    What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Took a picture before go to my Job...
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    Project ripped off take 2

    Things have been slow on this at the moment. Managed to get my wheels on.
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    Took some pictures after an cars and coffee event today.
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    Cheers dude. [emoji106]
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    Nice ride dude. [emoji1303]
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    That brings me to today. And this is how the car looks now. I changed the black hella rear lights to red ones. Gave the paint a good detailing and top coat.
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    Love it
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    It is reserved...
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    Vw Golf Vr6 Supercharged

    Possibly thinking about selling my supercharged vr6! Candy white (rare) Vortech V1 supercharger 13psi 360cc injectors Walbro 255 fuel pump BKR7E NGK spark plugs Forge 007 recirc valve K&N filter AEM AFR Boost gauge New coilpack and HT leads (0 miles) New genuine Bosch MAF (0 miles) New Lambda (0 miles) Oil and filter change (0 miles) New heater matrix Discs and pads all round (2000 miles) Front Mtec discs and green stuff pads Rear Black diamond discs and pads New Crackpipe, Thermo and Thermo housing last year. Mocal 16 row oil cooler New battery last year Dubpower downpipes Jetex decat straight pipe with Scorpion backbox 2.25” system New Throttle body. Car was welded in June 2016 with new front wings, sills and rear arches. Also had a full shoot have pictures to prove this. Slight knock from rear left top mount will have top mounts changed if i get time. Passenger side rear door doesn’t open from the inside for some reason. Probably missed a few things off will happily answer any questions message on 07554417788. £6000 ono
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    Can anyone solve this engine problem!?

    Thanks man, fingers crossed this solves it I'll drop at update if it does.
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    2000/01 MK4 2.8 V6 4Motion - SOLD

    2000/01 Volkswagen Golf Mk4 2.8 v6 4Motion Highline 5dr Great example of a quite rare and high spec car. Well maintained with relatively low miles. 112k – Full Service History, 13 stamps (6 prior and 7 during my ownership), all receipts and oem parts used. Haldex serviced twice by me. Extensive book (about an inch thick, pic doesn’t do justice) with all MOTs and history. HPI clear. All spare keys and codes.Full MOT - Jun 2020, passed easilyFully serviced - oil (Mobil 1) & filter, rear brakes (calliper, cables, Brembo discs & pads), haldex oil & filter, aux belt and tensioner.Fairly standard car which has been looked after in the 8 years I’ve owned it. Came fully loaded with most options except leather. Minor changes or upgrades made to improve handling mostly with bulk of the effort put into maintenance. Always serviced with quality or VW parts, 4-wheel alignment done routinely and anything replaced prior to actually needing it. The car has the original wings and sills with no rust, top mounts/engine bay are rust free. Underside is in very good condition; the standard exhaust was off the car and stored for the past 6 years with having a Milltek fitted so is in great condition. Upgrades• Green Panel Filter• VW R32 Front and Rear ARBs, VW lower tie brace, Eibach Pro Springs with VW Factory shocks all fairly recent• Fan Resistor Module Fixed and wired properly• Flush Illuminated Vents added and wired to factory standard• Factory 6 Disc front loading in dash CD changer (original multidisc still in boot panel with wiring present and original cubby hole for dash)• Parrot Hands Free• Special Ed Silver Interior Trim (except gear knob)• 17” RS4 Reps with Toyo T1R 225/45/17 tires with plenty of treadBad Points• Cosmetic related to age – stone chips, front splitter not 100%, slight lacquer peel on driver’s door, bumper scuffs on corners, spider web crack on rear bumper scuff panel. Only rust on the car is on inner side of bootlid at latch. The paint isn’t perfect but as shown in photos with a wash and a hand wax it looks pretty good for 19 years old! A good detailing (which I had professionally done by PMG a few years ago) freshens a little more. Both sets of wheels need a refurb, originals are just aged and need refreshed, the current 17s were a cheap quick replacement last year for a change. Can honestly say pretty much all cosmetic (bar the odd stone chip) is as was when I bought it and none have gotten worse due to maintenance and care of the car. • Drivers right side seat bolster has worn relative to the age, single cigarette burn on drivers door arm rest, grey cloth headlining – not bad but a few noticeable marks from oily mechanics hands, the rest of the interior is in very good condition. • Rear passenger door is off sometimes on the drivers central locking button (can provide a new unit I haven’t had the chance to fit)• Very slight weep from the thermostat housing unit - large seal for the whole box was on order the last time coolant and thermostat were changed, not a big expense and in the meantime, topped the coolant up once in past 3 months. Can also include some parts for the car that were the bits I replaced or I haven’t gotten around to fitting; Original 16” “Brands Hatch” wheels, Rear Spoiler – black but needs painted, Original Wooden Trim Kit, Standard Vents, Chrome silver boot struts, 5dr Wind deflectors.I have been honest in my assessment of the car - probably making it sound worse than it could possibly look from the photos! I’ve tried to include pics of anything important and just detailing anything that isn’t perfect with the car. Bearing in mind it is 19 years old, it is probably one of the cleaner Mk4s available and with a little bit of time from the new owner could be even better again. Mechanically the car is great, cosmetically it shows its age a little, but importantly a rust-free example. I’ve owned it for 8 years, brought it from England with 66k and had no issues since – just need something bigger. Service history and file detail the interest I’ve had in maintaining and preserving the car with most of the standard niggles fixed or replaced. Located 15 Minutes from Belfast (Port and City Airport), 20 mins from International Airport and Larne Harbour. Happy to collect genuine interested buyers. Could possibly deliver to mainland with secure deposit.Any other questions please ask £2250 Ono
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    VR6 Supercharged


    I am considering building a carport to cover the drive as its happens...
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    At least someone likes the look of my knob 😂😂😂
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    To late buddy. I've got the beauty now
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    Another job off the to do list [emoji106]
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    Bump for a manchester friend
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    So had the donor car delivered straight away and started stripping it! Then Michael turned up to return my Ross Tech cable he stole and he left with half the engine bits. As it turns out he bought a car without any bits on it for a small fortune I heard it was a rolling shell with no wheels (JOKE MIKE ITS COOL) However got to the bits I wanted as the car sounded great by the way! Slimming World Flywheel This thing is crazy light:- Engine on stand ready for ARP bolt gear, gasket, spacer plate and we are good to go. Waiting for delivery of bolts and gasket 630 injectors and a fuel pump the same as Benny's which he didn't know comes with a lifetime warranty.... Bonus dude.. This is pretty much where I am at now... I am sure I have left loads of shit out but who cares its not a witness statement and nobody's life depends on it. Some stuff may be mixed up as I have just dumped 4 years of ownership into a few posts....... Thanks for popping in!