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    What did you do today....

    Driving along saw a big german shepherd/alsation having a go at passing cars, you know barking at them trying to bite tyres etc and pulling its owner about. So I snuck up and..... floored it, . Seems vr induction noise can tame mad dogs.
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    What did you do today....

    I also did this. A quick 15 minute tidy up for the show, with it getting sanded back and hopefully wrapped in gold (Daveyboy idea) that's a winter project though. ..
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    What did you do today....

    Awesome way to piss people off too as their dog probably shit and darted the other way lol
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    I smile as soon as it fires up.. .
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    How does the saying go? Smiles per gallon! Having a daily as well as the VR has been a massive help for me!
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    Hey up Simon. Stealth racing built me a new engine a few weeks ago, including a new head, new guides, valves, seals, lifters and schimmel cams up top, not cheap but well worth it, especially on anything above 80k on the clock!
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    Victor rienz head gasket mate. You can get them on ebay for about £45
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    Vw festival Harewood house Leeds

    Went over the mk2 with the machine and compound today and 2 coats of high gloss polish with a soft sponge head.. now it just needs waxing for the weekend my first ever vw show.. I'm well up for it..
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    My hot chilli mk3 build

    Well got a little done today. Got my coilovers with a bit of butchery to get the old shocks off pics will follow and got the bits I painted last week lacquered and I'm quite impressed with myself as it's the first time I've painted with a proper paint gun. I usually used rattle tins. Just need to get my highline rear quarter cards in and decat on then give it a good clean for VW festival next weekend Strut nuts seized in Angle grinder out Problem solved lol Freshly lacquered bits And polo 6n mirror's
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    What did you do today....

    Not as hi tech as you fellas but after a few attempts with super glue and epoxy resin didn't work, cable ties and duct tape to the rescue!!