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  1. Ahhhhh I love a vr6 as much as the next person on here but to ruin a 993 porsche is just wrong
  2. Age 36 2006 golf gti Insured through privilege £337 That's with my wife added to the policy and she's only been driving 3yrs
  3. 1 impreza 2 bmw mini 3 audi r8 4 5 crysler 300c 6 7 Volvo c30 8 Peugeot 205 9 lexus 10 porsche 911 11 honda crx 12 ford escort 13 camaro 14 Toyota celica 15 Mitsubishi evo 16 Mitsubishi 2000gt 17 vw beetle 18 Toyota supra 19 audi a4 20 honda nsx 21 nissan gtr 22 mk6 golf gti 23 Lambo murchialargo 24 Toyota mr2 25 nissan skyline 26 ferrari f? 27 bmw z4 28 fiat 500 29 classic impreza 30 ford mustang 31 Lambo revington 32 citreon c1 33 nissan 370z 34 Alfa mito 35 mk1 seat leon 36 Toyota iQ 37 citreon c5 38 honda prelude 39 hyundai coupe 40 41 42 Aston Martin db9
  4. Top to bottom. Honda nsx Nissan gtr Toyota mr2 Toyota supra Honda civic Mitsubishi lancer Mitsubishi gto Honda s2000 Mazda rx7 Nissan skyline Nissan 300zx Whys it all jap shite???
  5. Nah there you other half's that I've got on and fuck me this cheese grater is crippling my arse [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  6. Everyone that wants to be on the club stand must prebook there tickets Carl. So there's no hold ups with people getting to the stands
  7. With you mate? [emoji23] [emoji23]
  8. Yeah I will be mate. The club stand passes should be coming to me so I'll post them out as usual mate
  9. I'll not be on the stand Carl neither will jaks14 mate. I just don't have the time to get an engine sorted and do all the bits of bodywork I need to do on it mate
  10. You'll have to book a ticket for the day in advance mate. They don't like people buying tickets at the gate if your on a club stand
  11. It certainly is Carl mate I need to source a lump before anything
  12. I need an engine before a headliner mate
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