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  1. Mint I’ll get one picked up and then will pester you for the crane [emoji16] one more thing do you have the clearance specs for the bottom end and what bearings would you recommend ? I was dreaming of silly power but think 600-650 is where the wallet is at lmfao
  2. Your a top man where did you buy your stand are you just using a normal one or a specific Vr6 one ?
  3. You always say if I need a lift give you a shout as your not far away ? you got a crane I can borrow and a stand I could buy ? and a spare set of eyes just to make sure I’m not missing anything while pulling engine and box of mine it’s getting ready for work ???
  4. Yesssss Matty is back come on mate get some pics up [emoji1362] started buying the bits for mine hoping to get it started at the end of April you fancy a trip over to Acklam and giving me a lift [emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Thanks for the heads up [emoji1360] went with 17" oz wheels and went with mtec disk and ebc pads for the time being with some fresh fluid see how it feels [emoji51]
  6. Do have a daft question what bushes and arb links/bars etc are you going to be using and why [emoji16]
  7. My plans are for around 700-750 to the wheels but it's your thread along with the fact I always wanted a mk4 golf as a late teen now I've got one so want to build it right first time round I'm sure I'll be picking a fair few brains along the way [emoji23]
  8. Can't wait to see this flying round started saving for bits on mine hopefully start stripping it down in the winter and then start the long process of getting it right
  9. I did a suitcase delete on my golf just got the bits from Jetex 2x45 degree bends 1x500mm pipe and a few clamps to hold it all in place mark it all up weld it up and just use one sleeve of clamp and some putty on the 1 joint where the suitcase used to join job done for less than £60 and the original jet tip tail pipe slides over the to of the 2.5" pipe so looks stock ish and sounds lovely
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