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  1. Not sure on the plugs, but I'm running the c2 headspacer, an to get the correct thickness you use the mk4 metal gasket, u split the gasket by drilling the rivets out an sandwich the spacer with the outer layers of the gasket which give you the correct Comp ratio an creates a head gasket seal. Hopefully this makes sense lol
  2. I ran 7 psi stock ecu an injectors, with fuel pressure turned up, they don't like it, so I went all out stand alone and custom everything pretty much it never ends
  3. Hey man I'm from Perth doing a vr6t build my self, where did u find the mk4 vr6, didn't think they came out in Australia
  4. Pte6262 with 276 tt cams
  5. I've got one but I'm in Perth Australia
  6. Nice work, when will this be started
  7. I have no idea what to expect, everyone's setup is different, they vary from 400 to 600hp
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