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Found 10 results

  1. Porsche calipers

    Hi i have a set of Porsche calipers from a 987 boxster I am looking for adaptors to fit my mk3 vr6 can anyone shed light on what I need for this. Part numbers and links would be much appreciated thanks in advance.
  2. Vrt

    Brand new motor ready to fire up,using vems standalone scary times !!!
  3. 6 Pack CHALLENGE!

    Bit of Banter just for laughs! Post a picture of you and your VR or another person and your VR in the rarest strangest place you can find! Something different or by a street sign with your name on it or some shit like that! Or yourself posing in fancy dress in front of the VR! Lets make this a right laugh people! Images can be old ones or new! If you are going to do any NUDES please blur out the obscene parts ! If you are female and struggling with the blurring your nudes please feel free to PM them to any of the mods to do this on your behalf! (Wee joke) Lets have a few crazy entries! Mine is still on the ramp in my garage with my interior scattered between my dining room and spare bedroom so I am out this month! All images posted before the 20/07/2016 will be included and the one with the most likes by the 30th will win a 6 pack of beer courtesy of the VR6 Ownser Club! Its just a bit of fun people lets get involved!! So come on
  4. VR6OC - Claim That Pipe!

    Just for fun really Many thanks to Rodney and co and taking photos of the day, it was decided to have a little fun and take some photos of some tail-pipes! So, can you guess what these tail pipes belong too, and then impress us more, identify the owner! Ok, here we go.... 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) Have fun! Pete
  5. Internet funnies

    Lets see some if your Internet funnies!
  6. Well people say that the type of music your into defines you as a person, so what makes you tick? Me, we'll I love metal and rock but have a few guilty pleasures I might reveal if some of you ladies and gents do too lol
  7. What's your poison?

    What's your favourite drink? Or if you're like me what are your favourite drinks with certain meals etc? I like a fairly wide range really, but mainly beers, lagers and whiskey. I don't have a drink too often, maybe once or twice a week. I only really like a lager if I'm having a spicy pizza or Mexican food. I'll have a pint of beer or ale, like greene king IPA, badger or copper dragon if were having like a barbie or something. I'll have a whiskey later on at like 9 or 10 on a night when we're all settled down and watching a programme or something. At the moment it'll be something like Johnnie Walker Black Label or Jameson (but when the JWBL is gone I don't think I'll be re-buying, everyone bangs on about it but the heavy smoke is a bit much), Jack Daniels if I fancy something with more sourness and fire, or if I want something nice and smooth some single malt. This is what inspired this thread really, with it being fathers day coming up I was in the supermarket and there's tons of beers and whiskeys on special at the moment, I picked up some Jura superstition single malt on special and got a free glass too. Got me thinking what's everyone else's preferences
  8. Did my serpentine belt - bit fiddly but well chuffed got it sorted AND found out the squeaking noise from front wheel was just the back plate rubbing the disc, so no new wheel bearing for me! Then just drove it loads with a heavy right foot What did you do?
  9. otherwise i wont know who any of you are at shows so i'll start me
  10. Like a phoenix, the word assoc thread rises again. ........