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  1. Hi people sorry but the car is sold has bin for some time now didn’t take long to sell as you can imagine lol
  2. Hi I no of a company in Lincoln that are out of this world when it comes to welding and engineering stuff they dnt do much work on cars but I no they dnt say no to anyone
  3. Big ash

    Wanted a vr6

    Hi Iv just put mine up for sale if your still interested
  4. Hi for sale is my much loved mrk3 golf vr6. Iv loved owning this car past few years it’s never let me down iv only really ever taken it to car shows so iv only put about 1500miles on it in past few years. As you can see from the picture it’s only got just over 71k on clocks. Only reason for sale is last summer I had a big hand accident and put me on sick for the past 9mnths and it’s a shame for the car to just be sitting on my driveway when someone else could have fun init just like I have. It’s all standed from front to back apart from the exhaust. It’s due for a service and as you can see fr
  5. Yes when the engin as bin hot then cooled down I take the cap off and loads of air comes rushing out and the level rises up abit. I didn't no there was a bleed nipple on these cars for the coolant. I carnt see any leaks from looking around the top of the engine but I can leave car running in one spot for 15/20min and nothing on the floor under the car. It's doing my head in because I like my cars to be 100% lol
  6. Thanks for your advice like I said don't no if it is the head as Iv got nothing in the oil. But I have noticed that when the engin is switched off I no the auxiliary water pump still gose few min after. But I sat and looked and the return hose that gose back to the expansion tank at the top. I can see coolant still going round but also see the white foam with air bubbles init. If it was my head there shouldn't be any air in the system if the engin isn't on should it?
  7. Hi peeps I think I have a big problem need some advice. I have a 1998 mk3 golf vr6 highline with 71k on the clocks Iv noticed the past week or so that it's loosing coolant and loosing it fast like it completely empty in just like 15/25 miles Iv got to fill it up tonight then turned it over with the cap off noticed level rose up past max kept it running and why it was getting up to temp ( had the heaters off) I noticed the was a white foam appearing then out the blue it would start to flow over the top of tank. Fans kept kicking on and off wen needed. I put heaters on full power and on hot and
  8. Just let you all no that Iv got to the bottom of the problem it was my expansion tank. I changed it to a genuine vw 1 reflushed the system and refilled it and problem solved. But I would like to say a big thanks to everyone that help with the advice
  9. That's right it doesn't overheat and the fans kick on and off. And it gets up to temp and oil temp flicks between 84/92 depending on how I'm driving [emoji12]. How would I fill the system up without getting a airlock in the system as winter is not a million miles away and I want to get it sorted before the cold weather comes but I really am thankful for all you help and advice
  10. My car don't over heat tho and the temp gage works and fans kick in and out when they ment to
  11. Were is it located and is it easy to take apart thanks
  12. Thank you for your reply no I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it ☹️ its holding pressure but the pips go rock hard when it's up to temp and water level goes up past the max sign and I go back to it when it's cold and it's still under pressure that's not normal is it? As my other car dnt do this. And Iv not checked the water pump yet but I dnt have any unusual noises coming from it thank you so much for all your help I hope I can find the problem soon
  13. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas what could be the problem thanks
  14. ThAnk you for your reply I have a blue filler cap but I believe that the expansion tank is a cheap £20 one off eBay could this be the problem? I do get hot air coming from the heaters. When the car was running I was feeling all the pipes and the pipe that comes out the top of the engine going to the bulk head I can feel bubbles in the pipe. So I drained the system again and it was all ok I couldn't feel any bubbles in that pipe I gave the car abit of a Rev and boom I could feel bubbles in the pipe again. I thought it might be the head at 1st leaking exhaust side into the coolant so I turned ca
  15. I posted a topic few weeks ago about my vr6 loosing water. I found out that my filler cap was the problem the rubber O ring inside the cap was snapped so the water under pressure was coming out and past the cap. so I brought a new genuine vw one. Iv now done a coolant change but Iv now noticed that my water level goes up past the max sign and all my coolant pipes go super hard and when Iv driven the car and leave it overnight the pipes are still hard until I take the cap off then my water level shoots up ☹️☹️ can anyone help please thanks ash
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