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  1. Hey, I have a VW CC VR6 SPORT 2010, and an Audi TT QUATTRO 3.2 2008 in my area just came up for sale. I love my CC but the thought of an "Awd" vr6 is something I don't really want to pass up. Any thoughts on the trade? Any warnings on what to watch out for when I test drive the Audi? Thanks
  2. my last pic [emoji14] caught her off guard #candid
  3. Hello! I'm Greg and I own a 2010 Passat CC 3.6 I decided I wanted a VR6 after a very clean R32 left me in the dust in my 08 GLI. What excited me the most though wasn't the speed but the amazing sound the VR6 produces. I'm currently looking for an exhaust that can help my CC shine. Other than that I hope to meet up with any other VR6 happy people out here in SoCal.
  4. To be honest I'm just a young man that likes to go fast every once and a while, so a few safety add-ons such as breaks and suspension but I also want an exhaust that proudly displays the tone of the engine. I fell in love with VR6 after running into an 08 R32 at a red light and was definitely jealous after it made my 08 GLI feel like it was standing still. But I'll never forget the awe inspiring noise that R32 made as it pulled away.
  5. Hi, I'm Greg (first time tuner) and I own a Passat CC 2010 VR6 3.6... I love my car and have been looking to add a few things to really let the engine stand out from the other cars around it. I've been vigorously searching for parts and stumbled across VR6OC. It's amazing to see so many other people appreciate the VR6 engine, but unfortunately I haven't found any threads about the newer 3.6 engines. If anyone can point me in the right direction for people with similar vehicles or a place where I can buy car specific parts I'd be very grateful.
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