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  1. Hi, I need to get new sills and front wings repaired in the saffron walden area. Anyone know of any body shops that would go it. Thanks
  2. My lcd trip computer screen was blank when I bought my MK3 VR6 over a year ago, as we hardly use the car I wasn't too bothered and lived with it for a while. I then bought a second hand cluster which has 140 000 on the clock, my car has an original 54000 miles which I don't want to lose. I put the second hand cluster in the car and have eventually got around to getting the original cluster fixed. However I have now been told that I have possibly reset the cars mileage to 140 000 and even when repaired my original cluster will read the higher mileage when plugged back in to the car. Does anyone
  3. I am now back on the road, thanks to bennyk for some of the bits I needed and a trip to Stevens vw dismantlers in chelmsford for the rest. I have managed to do a few miles and am loving the car, I will post some photos when I work out how to but it is a very unexciting standard vr6 and I intend to keep it that way. I have removed the wife's driving privileges until further notice.
  4. HI bennyK, I have managed to do a pretty good repair on the bumper today with a heat gun, if you didn't know it had been bent I don't think you would see it. However the bumper iron/crossmember is well bent so I need a new one and would be interested in yours please, what are you looking for it, what other bits do you have as I am after a few? cheers
  5. has anyone used Stevens vw dismantlers near chelmsford. I am going to go there this week to try and get the replacement bits I need but can't see from their website if thats possible or if you can only order online. I prefer going in person and seeing what i am buying. Also the front bumper now has a big dent in the top black more rigid part, is it possible to heat this and try to bend it back or am i wasting my time?
  6. Hi, well picked up the vr6 yesterday and had a great drive home, car is amazing condition with only 54000 miles and i can't find any rust anywhere, runs beautifully. The bonnet is the only let down as the lacquer is peeling so I am looking for another correct coloured bonnet. This was all great until today when I let my lovely wife drive to cambridge and she promptly rear ended a car with a tow ball, mint bumper is now fubared. It has bent the bumper iron which stopped just short of the radiator so could have been worse. Wife will now be sleeping outside.
  7. Hi all, we have just bought ourselves a 1994 vr6 which we will be picking up this weekend, hopefully photos will then follow. Had originally been looking for a v6 4motion but couldn't resist this one when we saw it.
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