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  1. Hi, Sure I would be happy to send it to you upon paypal transfer, however I have found it difficult to find a courier who will send(!). Can you recommend any? DPD didn't want to know, same too ParcelForce. I shall do a bit more finding out and shall get back to you with a price for shipping...
  2. Rear bumper from a mk3 Golf VR6 Highline, in black magic pearl (LC9Z colour code). Minor scuff to left hand corner though hardly visible - see photos. Collection only due to high postage price quoted. Location Bournemouth. Available at knock down price £30.00 ono.
  3. D1BBZ, yes still for sale. Where are you based? (If you are interested) Thanks.
  4. Rear bumper from a mk3 Golf VR6 Highline, in black magic pearl (LC9Z colour code). Pretty much spotless with no scuffs of scrapes. I bought it to replace the tired one on my old Highline before it went kaput. £40.00 ono (South).
  5. Answers please :-D Mechanically speaking, what are the the main mechanical differences from a Corrado VR6 and a Mk3? I've heard that the Corrado has a Mk2's front suspension and the rear end of a Passat(?!). Just wondering whether the Mk3 VR6 shares anything else in common with the Corrado apart drom the engine (slightly less cap[acity, I know). This just out of curiosity as the Corrado seems just that little bit more exclusive (On account of its rarity I guess). Thanks
  6. The bits coming away are the ends - Near the wheel arches. Its def. an adhesive issue. Its like the top layer of rubber is coming away from the bottom sill - Its not too severe but just a bit unsightly. I was just wondering if anybody out there has had a similar issue and what can be done. Like I said, I could use some industrial stength glue but I'm concerend about chemical reactions and stuff (Don't think my GCSE science is very handy here). Anyway, thanks for any replies.
  7. Hi, just a quickie. Any ideas, thoughts, or practical exprience of your skirt trims coming away (Apologies for any pun)? Is it corrected with an adhesive and if so what would be the best to use? I don't wanna go gluing and stuff and muck it up. Any help please, thanks guys/gals. Mk3 VR6 btw (pre 1995).
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