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  1. Still being broken? And what milage is on the clocks?
  2. As the title suggests I'm in need of a set of clocks. Part number 1H0919930G Thanks Alex
  3. No problem with clearances. Fitted them and was all gravy! Try to make up a plate to time the cams though, the tools are waaaay overpriced. I used a coilover C spanner and it was perfect! Lol. Don't recommend that to anyone though.
  4. Did mine with engine in. But getting the box out on my drive was a struggle! Also mentioned above was upgraded springs, I have the schrick 268 cams and don't notice any valve bounce. Should I have uprated them?
  5. My 2 girls. The mk3 is the vr6, running a schrick manifold, 268 cams, bmc cda shielded air filter, 6-2-1 tubular exhaust manifold, scorpion cat back system and H&R 60/40 cup suspension.
  6. Need urgently. Located in the south west. Whole unit with 60mm top spring cup. Cheers then.
  7. I went for AVO gtz kit and im very impressed with the results, easy damping adjustment and when they developed a fault, play in the top bush, they couldn't be more helpful!
  8. Been thinking of the same thing as im putting my car on the track soon (just for laughs) but wasn't sure which option to go for...
  9. Yea I thought as much. And ive been looking at different places to hide the tank and you've put it in the best place I've seen so far! So ill likely do something similar.
  10. F paying a garage to do it, you never learn if you dont do it yourself!!!
  11. absolutely loving this thread!! Ive got myself a Schrick manifold to go on in due course, how have you routed the HT leads? as the manifold seems to just leave them to flap about like a sausage in a bucket.... some kind words of knowledge or pics would be great
  12. It now seems the clutch slave cylinder has decided to dump all the nice new dot 4 i put in, i mean it was literally flowing out!! So my question(s) to you, the collective, what is the best or easiest way to fix this? does anyone know of anywhere that does a repaire kit / recon parts?? or is new from TPS the best way forwards? Also a rough ida on price would be nice so i know im not getting ripped off! Cheers
  13. Well, after the first day on the road the handbrake let go and my poor girl crashed through a roller door. It's actually cheaper to buy a new door than pay my excess and the increased rate next year. Wtf? For god sake leave your cars in gear!!
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