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  1. Gilly17


    Great looking car
  2. Cheers guys! I used spray gun and compressor but I was quite lucky with the back arches manage to get all the repair work done behind the black trim on the arches. So I didn't have to feather the paint work in. You can get a good finish with rattle can. There's a good write up on here somewhere on how to spray with cans
  3. Then I lowered the suspension a bit more and got some new wheels
  4. Hi, I know it's been a while since I have done an update on my Vr. Its all sprayed up and looking nice. Quite surprised myself on how well i have done.
  5. I did my rear bearings the other year. I think I found a guide on Google. Pretty easy to do, it's the fronts you need a press[emoji106]
  6. Glad to be of help[emoji106] thanks for that link, I thought I'd have to adjust something when I put my coilovers on!
  7. Here's some pic mate, hope they are some use!! The brake lines follow the bodywork. Just a quick question I've put some coilovers on, do I need to adjust the compensator ????
  8. I'm sure mine's got a compensator on. If I get time I'll take a pic tonight but if not it'll be tomorrow.
  9. Yeh found this place on the net "jewal paints" that does a 2k laquer that hasn't got the isocyanate in. So I can spray it at home. Smallest they do is 2.5lts £22. So plenty to go at there[emoji106]
  10. Cheers for that guys[emoji2] hopefully going to start spraying next week[emoji106]
  11. As the title says: I've got 2 wings and from the bump strips down on both sides to paint!!
  12. I was reading his build thread the other day defiantly knows what he's doing. So he'll be busy then!!![emoji23][emoji23]
  13. That should keep you busy. Looking forward to how the nortelle going to turn out. Are you starting a build thread on it?
  14. I've seen you've got a new project,,, looks well[emoji2] Are you planning on keep both?
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