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  1. Cool, or plan B: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=161726680072 Just check the height is the same else you have an R32 sump.
  2. 4 motion sump is a straight swap for the VR sump, longer bolts may be advisable if your retaining the sump gasket. The r32 sump is shallower and has a different shape to maintain the oil capacity. Some 4 motion sumps have a blank instead of the oil quality sensor, all r32 sumps will have the sensor. Useful thread: http://www.vr6oc.com/forum/topic/18007-the-32-sump-on-a-vr6-thread/
  3. That's right I've used the lighter version, they are used in quite a few VW/Audi engines, 16v and G60 included. Here's the part numbers. VW 050109309H INA 420004310 Weight 50g/54g As opposed to the original VR6; VW 034109309AD INA 420002210 Weight 80g/86g
  4. science

    vr6 obd2

    This: http://www.vr6oc.com/forum/topic/46838-obd2-coilpack-loom/
  5. Need a couple of parts for a six speed build. Can anyone sell me: 1) VR5 or 6 pot 02J Gearbox bell housing. 2) VR6 02A 3.3 Crown wheel ? Cheers
  6. Twin pole sender replaces the oil pressure switch on the filter housing. One pole for the gauge, one for the low oil pressure switch wire.
  7. Isn't the Icm still on there in pic 1? AFAIK there were two types of coilpack for the VR6, Beru or Bosch. The Beru has the connections from the ICM at the top, the Bosch at the bottom. Maybe a Beru coilpack on a Bosch ICM? If it doesn't have the five pin plug, then it must be wired straight into the ECU.
  8. Sorry, misread your earlier post. I didn't have this earth block on obd1 or obd2. Maybe it's for dizzy only. Anyway, if it ain't there, you don't need it. I just had 2 earths at the back of the inlet manifold that feed into the loom.
  9. Yup, ditch the isv. The chain cover will work with either tensioner bolt. The earth block can go like this: Mine was in the same place as obd1 on the back of the inlet manifold.
  10. Very nice! How does it work? Do you need to tap holes in the plate for the 6 branch or do the holes line up?
  11. OK, short answer is it's fine. They didn't change the cover when they changed the tensioner bolt. Long answer is VW changed the timing chain cover 3 times: For AAA engined cars between 1992 & 1994 You have cover part number 021109125A covering chassis number / F >> 1H-PW160 000* / F >> 1H-PB030 000*Or cover part number 021109127Bcovering chassis number / F 1H-PW400 001>>* / F 1H-PB050 001>>* For AAA engined cars between 1995 & 1996You have cover part number 021109127B For AAA engined cars between 1997 & 1998You have cover part number 021109127Bcovering e
  12. Some obd2 cars came with the old style bolt. So it's probably a safe bet they didn't change the cover. Just need to get to the computer to check.
  13. I don't think the chain cover changed between obd1 and obd2, just dizzy or coil pack. I will try and have a check on the part numbers....
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