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  1. Can i not change the upper chain tensioner/tensioner bolt too? Or am i just being a dick?
  2. So ive got a mk2 vr6 and its developed a slight clatter like chains. Engine is from an obd1 car on a 94 reg so i believe its the twin chain. Ive seen a good thread on vortex which involves pulling the engine and changing the clutch, id ultimately like to do this but i dont really have the space at the mo for such an involved job. Or the money! Can i change the upper guides/tensioner? Just as an inbetweener? How strong are the chains? Has anyone done it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Nice to meet you lot today some really nice cars there today really enjoyed it
  4. So ive got a set of vdos from a porsche 924. Voltmeter, oil pressure and a clock. Panel is for where the radio usually goes on a mk2 but i moved this to the centre console using a dremel. I never got a sender with them but ive just bought a 1/8 twin pole 10 bar vdo sender off amazon. Only question ive got is does it screw straight into the oil filter housing? Or do you need a t piece?
  5. Yeah its been a long slog with this car but its just about how i wanted it now mind you they are never really finished are they!!
  6. Oh and g60 front anti roll bar and jamex suspension.
  7. General spec of the car. 1991 mk2 8v gti 1994 2.8 aaa vr6 engine. G60 280mm brakes Mk4 rear calipers G60 pedal box Mk4 gttdi seats Momo steering wheel Vw sebring wheels with toyo 195/50/15s.
  8. The above photo is 2 weeks ago when the oil cooler seals went and the crack pipe too, so i Had fun with that.
  9. It had an 8v in it when i sold it but it came back as a g60 but i was afraid of the charger going pop so a mate suggested a swap with his vr and a deal was done. Before. After.
  10. This came up for sale My old mk2. Now lowered so much the subframe was battered and the g60 arches where smashed. Crappy jap wheels and some horrible interior mods meant i had lots of work to do. This is how it looked in 2006.
  11. Hello there my names anthony and i own a mk2 vr6. Ive owned 5 mk2s and 1 mk3 but the vr is the best! Its quick but smooth when you want it to be but an animal when you want some fun. Like this. Looks like a std mk2 8v which it was when i first got it in 2006. I had to sell it in 2007 when i lost my job but i knew i wanted another lp5u mk2. In 2009 i bought a 5 door mk2 8v with a tsr lump which was great until i found rot... So stuck the engine in another shell . And i was happy with this one until....
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